Frank Sabata, Sierra-Leone


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Received: from [] Ghana, Accra,
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007
From: Frank Sabata <>
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Subject: Regards

Dear Friend,

Good day. My name is Frank Sabata, a Sierra-Leone (WEST AFRICA) by nationality. I am presently living with my mother and younger brother in a refugee camp here in Ghana. My Late father was a Paramount Chief in my village, which is rich in diamonds. I got your contact on the internet while searching for where I could invest the fortune left behind by my latefather

During the war out break in my country, my family fled to Ghana a neighboring country to Sierra-Leone. However in Ghana, my mother showed to me some documents indicating that my father's kept the sum of $3 MILLION USA DOLLARS in a Bank account here in Ghana, for safe keeping before he passed away. My main reason of reaching you is to help us remove this funds from Ghana to abroad for investment. Precisely, our status as refugees does not permit us to run an account here and we do not want to contact any of my father business associates in abroad, because we do not know whom exactly to blame for this tragic loss

Please, your assistance is urgently needed so that the bank where this funds were kept will not declare this funds a Deceased Account Non-Greta, meaning that the Bank has full and legal right to claim the funds. Since the policy of the Bank on DeceasedCustomer Account is that after 5 years if there is no claim, the Bank will declare the funds unserviceable and will be immediately taken by the company

We would be glad if you will get us rest assured that you will not abandon us when the funds gets to you. We also want you to let us know the amount of % you want to deserve if you decide to help. If the % you wish to deserve is not ideal on my side, we can re-negotiate or call it a day. You can reach me on Tel: +233 244057613. Bye for now and thanks for your time and understanding.

Yours Faithful,
Frank Sabata.