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Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2018
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Subject: fill the information below to help us facilitate your transfer via WESTERN UNION ONLINE CASH today immediately

Please,We have last month of August 2018 received a payment credit instruction from the federal Government and United Nation (UN) to credit your account with your contract payment which is in the custody of our Bank account here WESTERN UNION ONLINE CASH.

This is to notify you that your funds $2.8 MILLION (USD) has been programmed for immediate release into your nominated account but we can not transfer this funds directly to your nominated bank account,Because International Monetary Fund (IMF) didn't abide the plan by transferring the whole payment at once, so we scheduled earlier to pay you $5,000 on daily basis through WESTERN UNION ONLINE CASH.

It became imperative to contact you on the subject matter because after the fund has been brought to our office to remit, Somebody from your country by name Paul Smith contacted us and said you are on sick bed and ordered him to contact us to remit the USD$2.8Million using his information to pick up your fund presently under our custody for transfer on your behalf.The Officer responsible for the presentation of your money valued USD$2.8 Million Winning quickly granted approvals to their application now waiting for final endorsement from Board of Trustees.

When our BANK Debit Note was submitted to my desk for final Approvals before forwarding it to Board for endorsement, I noticed that there are discrepancies as there was no evidence of authorization letter from you for Paul Smith to receive the fund on your behalf.I urgently summoned The Officer responsible for the presentation of the winning and directed him to stop the movement of the funds and at the same time placed a stop order instruction on the funds pending when your views and comments are received with regards to this matter.

I hereby urged you to call or email me urgently for your comments which will be highly appreciated if you are still alive or not on sick bed with sum of require activation fee of $97 which you will send before we commence the transfer of your first payment $5,000.00usd immediately, because we will not hesitate to continue the payment transfer activation with the name of the gentleman on claim if no response come from you. Contact me on this number(+1 484 648 4406) as your silence will be a clear indication that you authorized him to effect the above changes.

If it is true that you did not Authorize Paul Smith to come and claim you fund on your behalf then contact me immediately with the below email address;
Contact person: Mr Franklin Newman
Telephone; +1 484 648 4406

Your ability to reply to us today will gear an activities to a success and also if it is true that you did not permit Mr Paul Smith to claim your fund on your behalf then i must advise you to also go and send the required fee as it will be clear evidence that yes, you did not permit.

Here is the information where you can send the Money and the money will be send through MoneyGram Money Transfer or Western Union.
Receiver's Name ..........Joe Christian
Country ...................Benin Republic
City ......................Cotonou
Test Question ........when
Answer .............Today
Amount .............97 dollars
Senders name.........

Also fill the information below to help us facilitate your transfer via WESTERN UNION ONLINE CASH today immediately
1) Your Full Name:.............
2) Country and Mobile:. .
3) Home/ Office Address:....
4) Profession and Age:.......

Am waiting for your urgent response.