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stolen pics of Robert Awad

Fred Howard <>

dublicated pic delet, M

Provider: America Online
City: n/a
Country: France

Provider: -
City: Dublin
Country: Ireland

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Organization: America online
Country: France
City: n/a

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Continent: Europe
Latitude: 46
Longitude: 2
Time Zone: n/a
GTM offset: n/a

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Registrar: Melbourne IT, LTD, D/B/A Internet Names
Referrer: Worldwide
Created: 2009-10-03
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(02, 06, 07)

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Query terms are ambiguous. The querey is assumed to be ""

Badoo Profile

Fred, 47
"Wants to meet with a girl, 37 - 60"

Synchronized Swimming
World Cinema
Justin Timberlake

About me:
It`s so hard for one to describe himself, i prefer that you ask me all that you want know. I am honest, funny, serious, I am a petrochemical engineer. I hate lies and violence, I am very educated and I have a very high culture. You are free to ask.

Looking for:
Good woman with a good sens of humor, romantic, caring loving, hardworking, easy going and above all god fearing.

Personal info:
Relationsship: I`m single
Sexuality: I`m straight
Appearance: 5`9" (1.75 cm)
176 lbs (80 kg)
athletic body, brown hair and brown eyes
Living: by myself
Children: Already have
Smoking: Non-Smoker
Drinking: Socially
Education: Advanced degree
Work: Petrochemical Engineer

First contact Badoo

Fred: Thursday, February 2, 2012 - 1.08 pm
Its my pleasure to write to you, i will feel much honored if you accept my request for us to know more about each other as i am in search of a soulmate and i think i like your profile and what it says and i find interest in knowing you, and as well become good friends and see where it leads us to life is all about how happy we have made each other to be. Have a nice and lovely day, as i hope to hear from you soon.

XXXXX: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 12.51 am

Fred, I am not very often on Badoo, please send me your email-address. Thank you XXXXX.

Fred: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 5.59 pm


XXXX: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 - 11.16 pm


he also uses the yahoo variant as address
Tracey Holmes
Age 31
from Illinois
couldn't find a female profile

but found this on BP
Username cantmakeitalone
Location: Presidio, TX
Race: Black/African American
Ethnicity: Nigerian



IPs provided turned out to be useless as all messages were sent via gmail
hope he opens my sweet message


although this man is "new" at fs24, and he is not even a paying member yet but his mailbox is already "full"...
that shows, that he is "hard working"..... madness, really!

Email Sunday, February 19, 2012 - 11.40 am

Send from <>
"Hello Pretty!"

Hello XXXX,

you know I am speechless when I read your lines that yout sent to me soday. I am out of words to describe you as you are. Your words are so loving, caring, thoughtful and very much concern. No rooms for all the positive adjectives I could say to you. I can`t see any negative in you as person in which all of us know that no one is perfect. I hope you want change yourself in time. Friendship is the best tool for lasting relationship like what we have with my wife before. There was no room for adustment the time when we got married because we were once the best of friends from the start. I hope and pray with God allows me to be given a chance to get married again. I hope I can still find similar person like my wife and I hope its you attached here is the some of my pics.

Anyway we will still continue to nourish, cultivate our friendship every day until it succumb and bloom to a real friendship until it ends into a true and genuine love to one another. We both need extra effort of prayers for this. This is our mission, and our petition to be offered to the Lord okay.

So much for now, I am just coming back from the church now, I`m waiting for you online. Take care and best regards. I remain........Fred
Duplicate pics Deleted AN

First Mail
Wedenesday, February 15, 2012 - 11.19 pm
Send to []

"Hello, this is XXX of Badoo. Thank you for your email-address. Would be nice to hear from you. XXXX"

answer Friday, February 17, 2012 - 4.39 am

Hello XXXX,
it is really nice and loving moment for me writing you, i have really waited for this time that i can have good communication between each other, its indeed a nice pleasure for me, i wish i could meet someone, whom i could sometimes share happy times with, from what i read about you. You are indeed nice and i wish we could get a bit closer and know more about each other, life is really good when you are happy because of someone or when someone is happy because of you.
I live in Chicago, Illinois, but currently in Aberdeen, Scottland, because my contract i have with Dana petroleum, i lost my wife during child birth 4 years ago, my girl Cherry is 4 years, she is under the guidance of my elder sister who lives in Florida. I`m a Catholic. I enjoy swimming a lot and i am good at that, i also play table tennis and Golf, i also like going for hiking and also watching movies like adventure movies and sometimes action package, i also enjoy comedies when am with the kids. I am a consultant in Petrochemical analysis, i worked for a company but just resigned few months ago and almost through with setting up my private little company, but i hope someday it will grow. I also enjoy being with someone who is funny and make me laugh always, and always put smile on my face. I think, its nice for us meeting each other and i wish we be good friends and know what happens between us, have a nice and lovely day, as i hope to hear from you soon, i have already added you to my messengers list. Regards. Fred


Received: from []
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 02:40:25 -0800 (PST)
From: Fred Howard <>
Subject: Hello Pretty

Voilà, the header of the last email with the pics.

Experts of our last chat
Sunday, February 19, 2012 - 14.27 pm

...........XXXX: So, when will we meet each other?
Fred: Yes Baby, that`s all i really want, i just need a family that will be after my job here as i tol you earlier
D: I know, hello? (a long time nothing again)
F: Ok, all i can promise you for now is that my job will be due here in Aberdeen this month end but i submitted a bid for a bid for a contract in shell petroleum and after they must have approved it i will come to germany to see you.
D: Fred, are you there?

D: And today, what is your plan for?
F: But i have to do what i have to baby
D: Ok, I understand.


F: i will like you to feel free to ask me what ever you want to know about me on here i will answer.
D: Where do you live in the States? And what are your favourite countries?
F: i live in chicago illionis and my favourite contries are USA, GERMANY, CHINA
D: I already was on all continents except Asia.

F: i have been lonely for a while now and i need now is a great companion a wife and a best friend to be with.
D: The same I wish for myself. The future will show.
F: i really pray and hope you are my dream to come true...i am just a lil bit scared coz i don`t know how to love when i love i love with all my heart that why i`m scared of heart breaks coz it hurts me much

Please note: He doesn`t know any punctuations and writes a lot of errors.

And I only want an account #! I will get one!

Received: from []
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 19:01:17 -0800 (PST)
From: Fred Howard <>
Subject: Re: Good morning!

Another email 02/19/2012

Email header analysis:

IP-Address: 41.206.123
Provider: MTN
City: Lagos
Country Nigeria

Provider: Yahoo!
City: Sunnyvale, CA
Country: US

Originating IP-Address: 41.206.123
Provider: Mtn
Country: Nigeria
City: Lagos
Continent: Africa
Latitude: 6.4531
Longitude: 3.3958
Time Zone: Africa/Lagos
Gmt offset: 1

Registrar: Network solutions Ltd.
Created: 2009-03-11
Status: ClientTransferProhibited
Name server:

Whois record
Quere terms are ambiguous. The query is assumed to be "".

For the header posted at Feb 19, 2012:

Header Analysis Quick Report
Originating IP:
Originating ISP: Obecne Siete S.r.o. - proxy
City: Nitra
Country of Origin: Slovakia

XXXXWednesday, February 22, 2012 - 11.27 pm

Email sent from

(Money request US-Dollar 10.000,-- in our Chat, an hour ago)

Bank account

Bank Name: Halifax Bank
Account Name: Mrs. Patience Eva
Account # : 08505465
Sort Code: 11-00-01
IBAN: GB59HLFX11000108505
BIC: HLFXGB 21F08465
Branch Address: Halifax Commercial Str.
P.O. Box 4
Permanent Bldgs.
West Yorkshire


Friday, March 9, 2012 - 17.32 PM


sent from <>

Honey, I asked myself a question that I`m still wondering why I asked myself such a question, why because I trusted you so much and placed almost my hope and loved life in you....but since you started behaving strange, I asked myself what really is the meaning of love, it is one of the most difficult questioons for the mankind. But I came to realize that love is an act of endless forgiveness....I must forgive you for your unruly act towards the new contract that was awarded to me...Honey I`m not happy towards what you did, but I dimes it right to give you the second chance towards your endeavor...Remember that Mr. Wood is still on my neck fowards the stipulated arrangements.
Please call me or atend to my calls so as to deliberate on the possible means to resolve the situation as I wouldn`t want anything to jeoparadize my contract whatsoever.
Hope to hearing from you.
Lots of love

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 - 13.47 PM

Oh, dear Fred,
I forgot to reply. But I was ill, you know. The money came back from the bank you told me. It is again in my account. So what happened over there? Please tell me soon, best give me another bank account, with express online banking the sum could be over there in one day. I don`t know the reasons very well, some problems of the owner perhaps.
I really thought everything was done. I feel so sorry now, cause I was very ill, didn`t see the bank statements. And I was a little bit angry, for sure. I had to pay all costs.

Till later.
Yours XXXX

Email header analysis

IP address:
Provider: Gateway Telecoms
Integrated Services Ltd.
City: Enugu
Country: Nigeria

IP address:
Provider: Yahoo
City: Sunnyvale
Country: US

IP address:
Provider: Inktomi Corporation
City: Sunnyvale
Country US

Header analysis

IP address:
Hostname: "
Orginazation: Gateway Telecoms
Integrated Services Ltd.
Country: Nigeria
City: Enugu
IP address: <>
Continent: Africa
Latitude: 6.4333
Longitude: 7.4833
Time Zone: Africa/Lagos
GTM offset: 1

Whois query on originating hostname or IP address:

IP address:
Registrar: ARIN

Domain whois record

Query terms are ambigious. The query is assumed to be: "n".

/Lioness1WorkInProgress/ acct.txt

Fingers crossed! :D :lol:

Since today, 15.28 PM, I already have in our Yahoo chat, I am waiting for the email (not yet arrived), so sorry:

But I am already willing to tell:

Bank name: Nat West Bank
Account name: E. Ekpe
Adress of account beneficiary: 1, stamford street, London, UK
Account number: 21110212
Sort Code: 600525
IBAN: GB88NWBK60052521110212
Branch address: Five Ways Childwall Liverpool L15 6YD

Thursday, March 29, 2012

19.57 AM
Yahoo Offline Chat

Fred Howard: "Why are you playing games with me"?


Monday, April 2, 2012 - 17.22 PM

sent from <>

Dear XXXX,

Greeting to you once again, i write to inform that the luggage has been sent, so kindly review the attached slip to verify the delivery date and remember to call me as soon you recieve it.

Hope to come over soon.
+44 7011137395

Email domain of said fake shipper is
^^Appears legitimate. So "only" the shipping receipt is fake. There is no online login for good reason!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 8.33 AM

sent from <>

Dear XXXX,

Greetings once more, how are you feeling over there today? Hope you are keeping good. Well, I write to inform you that I`m gonna miss you alot as we have left to oil rig for roustabout and roughneck duties. How I wish I`m still free to call you to feel your sweet voice, though very soon we are going to be together. Honey remember to co-operate with the delivery agent as I have a lot of valuables in the luggage and can`t afford to lose any. I will calling you as soon i have the opportunity and reception to do so. Meanwhile, I will let you know, when I`m through with my duties from the rig to finalize my visit arrangment. Hope to come over as soon as I`m done.

Misssss youuuu!!!
Lots of love

Friday, April 6, 2012 - 13.52 PM

sent from <>


Hello Debbie!

Hello, Debbie. How are you doing today? Hope good, have the luggage get to you? I left my mobile phone at home and your mobile is in it so I will need you to get back to me with your mobile number so i can call you if i come of for the stations of the cross. Hope to hear from you soonest.
Really missing you down here. Lots of love.

Email Header Analysis

IP address:
Provider: Visafone Communications
City: Port Harcourt
Country: Nigeria

IP address:
Provider: Yahoo
City: Sunnyvale
Country: US

IP address:
Provider: ?
City: Dublin
Country: Ireland

Header Analysis

IP address:
Hostname: "
Organization: Visafone Communications Ltd.
Country: Nigeria
City: Port Harcourt
Email address: <>
Continent: Africa
Latitude: 4.7774
Longitude: 7.0134
Time zone: Afrika/Lagos
GTM offset: 1

Whois information for domain

IP address:
Registrar: ARIN

Domain whois record

"Query terms are ambiguous. The query is assumed to be: "n.".




I am a Male seeking Male
Age 47
Location phenix, AL, US
Description am a cool and easy going man from down to earth i am very simple ma who understand and also friendly and hard working at the same time
Relationship Status? n/a
I am interested in: Friendship
What are your favorite outdoor activities? relaxing in a cool place
Why do you think some relationships last and some don't? yeah for serious relationship
In your opinion what is the most important part of a relationship? hmmm trust
What do you like to do with your leisure time? listen to music
What are your views on divorce? hmmm dont have any view on that
Type anything you like here: relaxing
My Friends


How are you My Name is paul,I am new to this online relationship seeking,How are u doing,Do you know that men and women are angels created with only one wing? And they need to embrace each other to be able to fly... I Hope to find my angel whom i can fly with forever.,Ur Pic really look so great and beautiful looking,I will like to get to know more about u ,and will like to know what u looking for in a relationship,As i need someone who is honest loving caring open minded who has sense of humor understandable considerate loyal polite calm and generous person who has a prestige and integrity.i would like to see some others pictures of ur self and i will also exchange mine with u as soon i get your pic or u could send me ur email where u would want me email me some of my pictures to u. here is. my id is(paulalen90),i look forward to chat with you,have a nice time. peace



Alen Paul
From London, United KingdomKnows English, American English


resurfaced on connectingsingles



lets make it work
I am a:
51 yr-old man seeking women, 42-54
los angeles, California USA
Last Online:
online today!
5' 11" (180 cm)
Body Type:
Marital Status:
Has Kids:
Yes, and they don't live with me
Wants Kids:
No, but love my grand kids

About me:
This is pretty awkward, now i have talk about me. I'm caring to a fault to someone i love, exceptionally considerate, romantic, out going, and really down to earth. I'm tired of spending time on my own and the bottom line is just that want to spend the rest of my life with someone i luv. I'm ready to commit, are you?

I’m looking for:
An honest woman to truly love and care for, some one that can share their life experiences with some one special

occupation: Environmental Engineer


I'm new on this site and I was going through some profiles, and I saw yours. I dont flatter, you are a beauty to behold. I'd love to know a lot more than what I've read on your profile. please put a smile on my face by writing back.

Thanks a lot for your email, it really means a lot to me. my email is <>. Please send yours to me too so we can keep the communication going.


Bryad D
49, London, United Kingdom

Hello dear how are you doing?hope all is going well with you and people around you.i really wish we could get to know about each other if you dont mind can i get your email address or you can contact me on this address <> hope to get your positive response soon.wishing you a happy and blissful week ahead



soultouch2456 on single123


United States
Zip Code:
am loving and caring but if you need to know more about get to hit me on right here...

Hello, How are you doing today? I am Harrison Bolton by name and I'm here in further contact to reach old friends and as well making new ones and i then saw your attractive profile and it was awesome to come across a pretty rose right here like you, if you may permit me to say, if you wouldn't mind can we be friends? cos i like meeting people of such an attractive intelligence in attitude.
Harrison Bolton.

Hi and how are you doing? Am very much happy that you wrote back to me well, anyway i suggest it will be more better for us to get to hook up by getting to know each other and also where are you presently, and can you as well have your direct phone number for me to ring you if you don't mind?

Hi, anyway thank you for your concern as here is my email address harrisonbolton96 at yahoo dot com and i think you write me any time of your choice on your free time so that we can chat as well to get to know more better.
Thank you and God Bless


resurfaced on fishmeetfish as phil

phil Profile: It takes two to be real to heal each other
Age & Gender: 42 Year Old Man
Location: United States

About Me
Am a tall white man with brownish hair.......i love swimming,traveling and i need a woman whom i can build a happy home with.Am a fun loving, romantic, positive and easy to get along with.


How are you doing, i hope you are doing good. I just want to let you know you are so admiring and beautiful that i can't just get my mind and eyes off you so i decided to send you a short note. You are so beautiful and charming despite your age, i wish we can mingle and know each other better and see where it leads to. I will forever appreciate knowing you if you don't mind.... Please reach me on my private email <> I hope to hear from you soon..


here is <> avatar

<> avatar