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Date: Mon, 1 Oct 2018

Hello Beneficiary,

Kindly permit me to introduce myself....I am Mr. Garcia Rodriguez a certified Chartered Accountant and Auditor. I was invited by the Nigerian Government to help audit the administrator of their former President Dr. Johnathan Goodluck. We were asked to look into how they handled all international payments such as INHERITANCE, CONTRACT, AND THOSE THAT SUPPLY ITEMS DURING THE REGIME. My teamis to check all payments out and make sure they are well balanced.

We detected so much irregularities and frauds during our audit, what is most painful about this is that we detected that a lot of beneficiary's from many parts of the world that have spent lots of money regardless to receive their payments and at the end their funds were not released to them. Your email address was found on the list that is why I am contacting you.

We have already sent our report to the Federal Government and point very hard to the Federal Government on cases of the beneficiaries who has lost so much of their hard earned money in respect of their payment and their payment was still not release and it is on this regards the Federal Government of Nigeria mandated my team to handle the payment of beneficiaries and make sure their payment is released in as much as due process/ legal process is been followed by any of the beneficiaries.

I will need you to work with me with total trust and corporation, I am a trust worthy man hence I will be open and sincere with you. Kindly forward your reachable mobile number and residential address without delay so that I can commence your claims.

I await your immediate reply.

Thank you.
Mr. Garcia Rodriguez