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I was scammed by a person claiming to be from London , a marine engineer , who sailed to Australia several times a year ,
he claimed to be widowed with a 7 yr old daughter , parents deceased , no siblings . His name Gary Armstrong ( Gray Armstrong via FB ) daughter name Lilly . He contacted first of Dec. 2012 via FB private message , just stated seen my profile pic and just wanted to say hi , and that I had a lovely smile . I had never talked to a unknown person on line and took me a few days to decide to answer and I did with simple questions as Did I know him , mutual friends , and that his FB page had very little info .
He answered and asked me questions about myself , family etc... this went on for about a month , and then things got more serious and he asked me to switch over to yahoo messenger , his id there was [] , relationship proceeded , and then he told me that the ship would be sailing soon to Australia , left on Jan 23 from Port Dover , emailed me a very detailed email about Port Dover and that he had his computer and cell phone and that he was able to pick up service all over the nation , that he would be stopping in south africa to buy diamonds that he was selling in Australia , then about 4 weeks into the trip he calls me ( after no communication for 2days and we talked usually twice a day via phone and messenger multiple times a day ) and says the ship had ran into pirates and they had to stop at an island in Maylasia , that they all have to secure their valuables , stated he had $800,000 us money ( to buy the diamonds ) and a rolex watch and a diamond ring for me , he was suppose to fly to the US - after arriving in Australia . Wanted to mail me the valuables , he got a consignment via a security company - Sky World Delivery Cargo and Security Company , a Dr. Thomas Young contacted me , they wanted $11,000 to deliver the package , I refused and would not call them back or answer their emails or phone calls . I realized then that this was a scam , and googled marine engineer/ ship / pirates / australia . and found scam stories identical as to what he was telling me , I confronted him and he denied , told me I was confused , professing his love for me and that he wanted to marry me . WTH , so it took another two months to get him to stop calling me or emailing me . I blocked him on FB , reported him and had his page removed , but found out he just started a new page . blocked him on yahoo messenger and reported him . I have filed a complaint with IC3 , never heard from them . But have continued to read about romance scams and wished I had been as educated before him as I am know of these scams . I will report him as often as I can . Its been a hard last 3 months , I have had a difficult time seperating the pictures from the scammer , this person english was good , not like some I have read since then , but now I see all the signs of it being a scam as I reread emails , messages . etc..... I keep thinking about the man in the picture and does he know his picture is being used in scams such as this . I hated myself for weeks after finding out about it , cried many a tear , ashamed , embarsed . but as I read there are so many people taken advantage of by these scammers . I want to physical hurt him - cut his heart out with a spoon . I hate him for what he did . Im telling my story of in hopes that it helps someone , as the saying is if it seems too good to be true then it is . I trusted him , I gave him my heart , and he shattered it to pieces . I am slowly picking up the pieces and placing my heart back together . I know it is all my fault for allowing it to happen . Thank you for your page and allowing people to post their stories , it does help .


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Hello. I'm sorry to hear your story. They hurt twice as much. If he is in Malaysia he is probably a Nigerian.

The FBI can't do anything more than to make a report. Unless the criminal can be identified then there's nothing more that can be done except to post as many warnings as you can.

Thank you for sharing your story and please do not beat up yourself. If you need some extra support contact an admin. We have some other resources. And yes, it will get better eventually.

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Romance scammer exposed.

@Katielizabeth. Welcome to AFI. I am sorry to hear about this scam.

Please do not feel guilty, it is the scammer who has done the wrong thing NOT you.
The emotions you feel are normal and it hurts to find out that a "special friend" is only interested in stealing money from people. In some ways it is like having a loss in the family.

Thank you very much for having the courage to post and warn others, it shows that you are a lot better person than the scammer and you still have one thing he can never take from you, your dignity and self respect.

Yes it hurts badly, but I can assure you that the pain will lessen with time and you can return your life back to what it was before this scam.

As Miyuki says, we have people standing by to help you if you need them, you are not alone and we can help you get your life back to normal.

You may not hear back from IC3, but it is now on record and may help in the future.

We have some wonderful people on AFI and please feel free to contact any of the seniors if you feel you need help.

It has not been a happy time for you, but trust the old saying " This too shall pass" Thank you again for helping others, it is greatly appreciated.

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Scammer Gary Armstrong exposed.

Lets look at some daters who use the SAME photographs as Gary Armstrong. AKA Grey Armstrong.

Frances C. Anderson/Bernard Owusu/Collin Larson/Persson <>

Frances C. Anderson/Bernard Owusu/Collin Larson/Persson/Gilbert aus Lagos


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Frances C. Anderson/Bernard Owusu/Collin Larson/Persson › Galerías › ...
Frances C. Anderson/Bernard Owusu/Collin Larson/Persson <>. Frances C. Anderson/Bernard Owusu/Collin

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