Gen Frank Kross, USA


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From: Frank Smith <>
Subject: Business Proposal
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2019

I am Gen. Frank from U.S. but i am working in Pakistan.i have been searching for a rightful person to assist me in this business till i came across your details, i have the sum of $16.7 Million US dollars that i want to move out from Iraq so quickly i want a good partner, someone i can trust and understand, some one with a good heart who can keep this money safe and secured without (letting the cat out of the bag) someone who will not telling his / her family or friends about this money for a security reasons.Though you maybe thinking that it will be a big risk to receive or keep this big amount of money but i want to tell you that it not risky because the money is legal (oil money) i am offering you 40% of the money for helping me to keep it then you will keep my own part safe till i come over to take it,sometimes you maybe wondering why don't i send it to my account in U.S well, i would have loved to do that but due to on going new laws that was imposed by the new president so that is why i have decided to look for someone out side the country that i can trust for this legal business .i want you to know that this money can only be moved/deliver to you through diplomat service because i want to make sure it is being delivered straight to your door post, if you are interested please get back to me via email..... so that i can furnish you with more details. The Whole Process Is simple and You must Please Ensure Strict Confidentiality at all times........Contact me on this email,


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From: Mark Elliott <>

Contact me on this email,


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From: Liz Lundon <>
Subject: Business Proposal
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2019

I am sorry that we have not meet before,i got
your contact when I was searching for
a reliable person to work with then my
spirit touched me and tell me to choose you that is why I decided to contact
you based on trust which I have to
repose on you because i know that my spirit never faild me. I am in USA army my names are
Gen.Frank Kross with National
Guard Artillery Unit in pakistan.
Therefore, If I have this divine
opportunity and throw it to the
wolves, then I must be the "most
stupid" and the most "foolish-man" that has
ever lived on earth. I am presently in
Pakistan. When I was in Iraq we
discovered some funds are routine foot
patrol,Baghdad Iraq at company's
compound, the total money which was
found not declared. I cannot keep my own
share which was $25 Million dollars of the money within in Iraq for
security reasons and i am willing to give 40% if you will help me receive it, I moved the funds,
and deposited the box containing the
money in disguise for safe keeping in
one Finance Storage and Security
Company and nobody know about this
without any trace.
You may wish to confirm with this

Now they have notified me for the
collection of the consignment, therefore
I want you on trust to receive and
accommodate the box containing the
before i will be on my vacation am
come over to meet with you in person
If you are interested please get back to me for via on my private email address, for more