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Subject: GOOD DAY

Good day,
I presume this letter will come to you as a surprise but as things unfold, we will know each other better and how I got your contact. I am very sure that you will be of a good assistance after carefully reading my letter.

Secondly, I am using this means so that my personality can be shielded until I am sure of your willingness to assist me in achieving the purposes of this business which will be of a high benefit to you and to my family.

I am General Samman Bahir, Military Commander of POLISARIO (Political Front for the Liberation of Western Sahara) and a member of council of the National Secretariat of Western Sahara (Saharawi Democratic Republic). Prior to my promotion to this rank/commander, I was the second in command to the former military Commander General Kahanzsamer Hakim; He was however killed in battle.

The struggle for the liberation of the Saharawi people from the strong grip of Morocco and it's despotic government, we get funding from private, religious and corporate organizations around the world, people and organizations recognizes our struggle. These organizations are the ones who assist/aid POLISARIO with funds and materials in execution of this war with Morocco . Before the death of my former Military commander (General Kahanzsamer Hakim), we were given some funds (US$34,000,000.00) by multi national company donor to procure ammunitions for POLISARIO. My boss moved and deposited these funds with a private security/finance company in Dubai In my bid to audit our quarterly accounts I realized that the records of the $34 Million were not reflected in the books.

As I continued my private investigation I unclosed the source of these funds. I found out that it was my boss who deleted every record of this larges sum from the accounting books because his intention is to keep these particular funds for himself.

I called him to a meeting (two of us) over this issue, he told me at the meeting that the funds as part of the donations POLISARIO (Political Front for the Liberation of Western Sahara) get year in and year out is to be kept for his use and the future of his family since the future of the survival of the struggle is uncertain. I saw his reasons and readily agreed with him because he promised me a good fraction of the money there and then, especially when I know that the money will never have a record trace ever.

However, as fate may have it General Kahanzsamer Hakim died at the war front and I became the military commander, and in addition to that is the only person on earth who has privilege of knowing the information of this cash deposit. I have all the relevant documents pertaining to this deposit.

These documents are the Certificate of Deposit with which the Cash was deposited, and also the Deposit Agreement. I therefore want you to team/partner with me to collect the funds in Dubai as I require a foreigner to perfect this operation. I will provide all the necessary documents in my disposal to lay claim to these funds which as the requirement agreed upon with the Security/finance Company.

The issue is this: I will transfer legal ownership of these funds to you so that you can then be the new beneficiary of the funds that way my link to the funds terminated for a smooth movement of the funds to you. There are no risks involved in this business because I remain here and hold all machineries involved in this business. I should also clearly state here that as long as you keep this business confidential there is no means whereby risk can be imported to it. This is because someone else knowledge remain the only thing that can import any risk to this deal.

This is a simple and straight forward business, but must be kept highly confidential so that we can record success in it within the next 10 working days. Upon the receipt of a positive response from you, I will give you further details; outlining the method of operation which has been mastered to pull this transaction through soonest.Therefore, please do reach me via my private e-mail( Let me reiterate it again, I will want everything about this transaction to be treated in confidence even if you are not interested. I await your response.

Gen.Samman Bahir

The Doctor

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This is a really interesting story and I found it to be a facsinating read. But it's still fake.

1. It comes from someone you don't know.
2. It uses a free email server ( and asks you to reply to a different email (
3. The activity is illegal under most legal systems, although Western Sahara, not being a country, doesn't technically have any laws you could violate.
4. The scammer is promising you a lot of easy money for little work.
5. It requires secrecy and urgency, both hallmarks of a scam.
6. will confirm that it's a scam.