George Dylan of Evergreen Shipping, UK


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I have had almost the same thing put before me except that this man called himself George Dylan of Evergreen Shipping,UK and that what he wanted to mail to me was cash of 300 thousand plus GBP. Before wanting to send me the cash, one day he suddenly called to say that his 11 year old son in Bristol was sent to a private hospital and his old maid hadn't enough cash to pay for the down payment, so he asked me to send 1300GBP by moneygram or western union to his maid. I insisted to pay the hospital direct and asked him to let me know which hospital it was so that I could ask my UK doctor friend to check the boy's situation for him. He eventually said that he remembered he got cash in his room at home. Two days later came the emails about the pirate thing, exactly the same story. I talked to a friend who is a retired police inspector and learnt how to trace IP address and it turned out to be from Ireland. I just walked away and sms him that he was not honest and I did not want to continue with the conversation. I hear no more from him these two days. Thank God.

It is lucky that I did not fall for him, but I am am blaming myself for being so stupid as to have accepted a friend I have never met, let him have my cell phone no and two decent photos upon his request. I was so stupid to have told him that I am a widow with two children and about my background. He was quite persistent that we be friends when I told him that I had decided not to develop a relationship. I did take him as a pen pal and now I feel ashamed that I was blind.

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@Briarrose, welcome to AFI and thank you for posting. Please do not feel ashamed, some of these scammers are good at being con men, and their stock in trade is getting people to trust them.

He may try to "renew" the friendship, please do not give him any chance and stop ALL contact with him.
Just about everything he told you was a lie designed to trick you. If you do not answer him you render him powerless.

You are better than him and I hope that life settles down soon for you. Thank you.


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@De Master Yoda, Thank you for your kind words which I appreciate very much. This is a lesson to me and I will be careful in future about strangers. I am trying not to blame myself for being cheated so easily. Thanks.


@ Briarrose:
Also from me a warm welcome to them on this page. How DMY already said, stop all contact with this person and "drop him like a hot potatoe"....! Even the fact alone that they made their incident public shows that they are on the best way of overcoming and recovery. I have a little experience with romance scammers, everything always follows the same schemes. And they may be assured they are not individual cases. I wish them only the best for their future.:)


Please do not think too much. Read the many stories here quietly ...!! I just posted some, every day the same old story! They have no blame!


I have just got a message from this Dylan George who works at Evergreen, why???