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From lizzytish:

Dear Counsel,

I am sending this email as a mutual introduction. Mrs Patricia Wong is the Managing Director of Higrade(Qingdao) Moulds & Products Co., Ltd.

Higrade (Qingdao) Moulds & Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of steel, coils and transformers. Higrade (Qingdao) Moulds & Products Co., Ltd.

is owed payment on shipments that they made to customers here in the US from June 2008. The company is now seeking advice and possible representation in litigation against the non-paying companies in your state. I can not handle this matter at this point because it is out of our jurisdiction. I have represented this company in the past, therefore I am assisting them in finding an attorney in the required state.

Kindly contact Mrs. Patricia Wong if you are interested in representing them. Below is her contact information as follows:

Patricia Wong, Higrade (Qingdao) Moulds & Products Co., Ltd. []

I encourage you to contact one another to see if this is a situation where you can work together. Should you have any questions please contact my office at the below noted information.

George William, Esq


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@ any attorneys, lawyers, barristers or solicitors who may read this....

May I direct your attention to the thread at And quoting therefrom:
Nigerian scammers operating out of Canada and the U.K. have stepped up their efforts against U.S. and Canadian law firms in what is called the “Collectionâ€￾ scam. The suspects have access to mass produced counterfeit negotiable instruments, mostly in the form of certified or corporate checks, and havesuccessfully defrauded a number of lawyers in both the U.S and Canada.
Further, I would draw your attention to "Why representative emails are fake at:, and quoting in part from that:
Services are available in banks precisely to facilitate international commerce. This includes things like letters of credit etc..... The various instruments that banks have developed to assist businesses are to make the transfer of funds quick and fast. A company does not need you to do this for them.
Similarly, a real company would not need you, an attorney, lawyer, barrister or solicitor to collect money for them. If they actually got themselves into a business situation like this then they don't know how to do international business. Please delete the email and do not respond to these people. They are not a real company. They are criminals.