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Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2018
From: Ghana Agencies <>
Subject: Ecowas Public Procurement Authority of African

Attention: Sir/Madam,

We got your company information through an exhaustive search in the Internet. We are Licensed government agent based in Ghana.

Our scope is basically searching for foreign companies to bid for government contract on commission basis. We receive 2% commission from the seller/contractor in any successful government contract generated by us.

We facilitate the award of government contracts on the following categories: Supply of products, Construction, Consultancy and Work.

Your products are needed by the government of Ghana on contract supply basis through the Public Procurement Authority of African. Payment of every government contract in Ghana is by 100% bank swift transfer, (80% immediately contract is signed and 20% before goods depart from your ware house) in advance immediately every contract formality is completed.

We are respectfully inquiring if your company will be interested to supply your products to the government of Ghana on contract basis with us as the intermediary agent? If this proposal is of interest to your highly esteemed company, please reply us by providing the following information:

1) Your price list
2) Comprehensive details/information of your products
3) Your company profile

to our manager: Looking forward to working with you.

Best regards,
Mr. .................................
Managing Director/CEO

Ghana Agencies