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Payment notification
Barrister Usama Kthy
Hon. Henry Bomsompem, commissionr for oath
Monica Yirenkyi.

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Ghama Immigration Service
This completely realistic looking letter (not!!!!) from Elizabeth Adjei tells you that Ghana passport H 1407856 in the name of Mr. Addo Yaw is completely real. Any other information is "falsy and totally wrong".

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Ghana High Court of Justice. Legal proof! I think the heart border on the left adds a really nice, professional touch.
Angela Wood, Vivian Johnson, Naomi Johnson, gold owners.

Johnson gold.jpg
This is very nice.
I love it. As you see it is signed by Mahatma Gandhi. He died 1948. But apparently he is re-incarnated in Ghana. And has got himself a nice job too. Gentle Giant suspects they have used some kind of woo-doo we dont know about.

Justice document 1.jpg
Mysticism in Ghana.
As you can all see this document is signed by Frank Sinatra. "Frank" has been tampered with, but "Sinatra" is from a signature stamp the artist had made in 1950. Well, he died in 1998. But as we can see it is not true. He is alive and kicking in Ghana. And got himself a job in a Ministry.:D

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Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Fund Release Order
Access Bank Ghana Ltd.
Gerland Lamkin & Associates for the Estate of Shaun McPherson
Nanna Yaw Dorgbetor, Director of Operations
And it looks like Frank Sinatra, Notary Public! :D

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From the same scam.
Desmond Wanaga (father)
Mbano Wanaga, next of kin
Apex Insurance and Security Company
Dr Philip Adjei, director of operations



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More of the same.
Desmond Wanaga, depositor
Apex Insurance and Security Company
Dr Philip Adjei, director of operations