Gilbert Robert Salifu, crude oil in Ghana


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I don't think this clown has much of a clue about the oil business. I don't think I'd want to do business with him.

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I am Gilbert Robert-Salifu. The Son of late General Robert Salifu, the late Commandant of one rebel faction in Democratic Republic of Congo, I am inviting you to join me in a business transaction and eventual purchase of a Gold mine and land for exploration of crude oil that is recently been discovered in Ghana .

We shall use you as the CEO of the company to be established and also negotiate the purchase and acquiring of the Gold mine and Crude Oil Explorations land and facilities here in Ghana .

My late father left Hugh amount of money in a Bank in Ghana and we would like to utilize it for various investments but would need a foreigner and professional to be chairman/CEO of the Company and this foreigner MUST not residing in Africa.

What we require from you is:
* you will be required to travel to Accra , Ghana for a meeting to sign all agreement with me and take possession of the fund.

* You will be the Chairman and CEO of the Board of Directors of the company to be registered and used for the purchase of the Mines and Crude Oil exploration land.

* You will be given 15% of the company share and profits, 15% of the fund,15% of the Company to be registered Share Capital and 20% of the Company yearly profits.

* You will follow me to inspect and negotiate for the proposed Gold mine & Crude oil Land sites Please note that you might have to stay in Accra Ghana for Seven working days with me to complete the Company registrations, claim of fund,Opening of Bank Account and eventual purchase of the Gold mines and Crude oil Land.

Also note that all documents regarding this transaction cannot and will not be sent to you in advance for Security reasons but will be given to you when you arrive in Accra , Ghana ONLY when we meet face to face.

Kindly send me your phone nos and your full Name for us to discuss fully I will await your reply for me to explain to you in detail.

Thanks and God Bless You.

Gilbert Robert Salifu.