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Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2013
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Italian Association International
Headquarters: Via Vittorio Veneto 121- 00187
Roma Italy.

To Whom it may Concern/

My name is Giovanni Alessandro and I work for Italian Government in Milan. I will love to pass this information to you and I hope you are the honest one That is really willing to take good care of 7 years old girl-whom her mother Came from an unknown area in Poland and they live in Italy the mother was one Of the four victims who were killed by recent Flood That hit Tuscany and Venice.

We hope you will be so honest to accept this little girl and train her like Your own daughter, the victim left the sum of €1.5 million Euro in her account and this fund has automatically for the little girl and the amount Will be to pay her in full.

We shall love a good honest female or male interpreter who can accept the Kid and take good care of her and every twelve months the government Milan Will always come to check her and after longer available That person will be Given the €1.5 Million Euro to take good care of the kid. Please write me back if you are Interested So THAT we can contact the bank where the money is deposited As Soon As Possible And Also contact the Milan government so they can sign and Agreed That the kid to go with you and the money.

Best Regards
Giovanni Alessandro