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from: Gold Miner, Precious Metals Sales Representatives Agent. <>
date: Nov 30, 2019, 8:07 AM
subject: Gold For Sale Brink to Brink.

Gold For Sale Brink to Brink.
Hello Sir,
Good day to you, we are local gold miner and seller of gold from Ghana West Africa, we sale at lower price of 3US$5,000 per a kilo, and we accept brinks to brinks business if your interested kindly see our proceeds below here.

1. Buyer CIS and financial statements are required to initiate an offer from the seller
2. Seller makes a CIF offer
3. Buyer accepts and makes arrangement with brinks generates a docket no from his destination
4. Brinks collects goods on behalf of buyer and delivers to a mutually acceptable refinery for assay.
5. Payment after assay. And the process. continues.
Commodity AU Size 12.5kgs billets Purity 99.99 Min 25kgs per trench Max 400kgs per Month.

If your interested kindly let me know without delay for us to proceed on with this.
Thank you,
Best regards,