Good Info On Commodity Scams

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My comments on the extracts:

1. Commodities offered at unrealistic, too good to be true, prices.
That's some crazy shit! Because of the scams most people now think that the discount is a must! F#$k that! Forget about discounts! It doesn't work that way. For example you want to buy a brand new DB9, but the production stopped and there are sheiks waiting in line and fighting each other to get their hands on it, but the dealer would go: "Hey bro, you want that rare piece of art? How about a 20% discout?", does it make any sense to you? No?
2. Undisclosed details of the seller or origin or any air of secrecy.
90% that the offer is fake, but if it's real then the middle man is deadly afraid that he is going down after you find out the source, but if he is so afraid then he is going down 100% and don't ask me why.
4. Involvement in countries previously targeted e.g. buyers in India, China, Hong Kong, the Middle East or Eastern Europe and commodities sourced from Latin America, the Philippines or Thailand.
Too bad guys, but most of these countries just call Mr. Putin if they want something and if the deal is conducted without the government then there is no f#$king deal.
6. Any unusual specification of the commodity or documents.
The specifications is not what you should be afraid of, me myself don't know all the tech data on the stuff I sell, but I always know how much I have. Example: Rotterdam can't hold even 1/100 of the stuff that is flowing around the internet. Always check on the technical capabilities!
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