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Date: Thu, 08 Oct 2020


Have you had any business transaction you got paid with defaced notes, coated currency, coded notes, black notes or any other color coated currency?

Have you found yourself in a situation so difficult for you to clean the defaced notes to normal currency due to lack of funds to buy the cleaning chemicals, cleaning machine or gas?

Have you been getting different excuses from technicians why they haven't cleaned your notes and keep requesting for more money from you?

If you have been facing any of the above situations or more then be rest assured that your problems are over and it is time for you to smile because we are the solution to any defaced currency issue.

We are Macvre Chemicals, a defaced note cleaning company based here in the United States, we manufacture and sell different types of defaced notes cleaning chemicals and we have cleaning machines for lease and for sale.

Our company offers contract cleaning for defaced notes owners which gives them the opportunity to clean their notes without paying for the chemical or cleaning machine if they can't afford the cost.

With the contract cleaning offer our company can send technicians to any location in the world with cleaning materials to handle jobs, once the cleaning is completed the technician will take our commission from the total notes, the quantity of notes to clean determines our commission after cleaning.

Contact us with the email address below for more details.


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