Gregson Elvis, Ackerley Pharma Laboratory


Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
from: Mr <>
to: Recipients <>
date: Jan 1, 2019, 7:10 PM
subject: RELY,

Pharmaceutical company base in UK needs a representative in India for sourcing of raw material.


Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
from: Gregson Elvis <>
date: Jan 3, 2019, 8:54 AM
subject: Re: RELY,

Good day
Thanks for your response to my mail. Before I begin, I will want you to understand that this business is highly profitable, easy, also genuine and legal. All you need do is to follow as I would guide you, and you will be very happy when the profits start coming to us.

I work with Ackerley Pharma Laboratory, in U.K. We are into the production of Pharmaceutical products, Animal Vaccines and Anti-viral drugs. There is a product my company uses for the production of Animal Vaccines,Anti-viral,anti-cancer and research and development of anti HIV drugs called Camptotheca Native Seed . It was first introduced to our company by an Indian veterinary doctor a few years ago. Camptotheca Native Seed is most important Ingredient/herbs used in manufacturing of the above mention drugs. These pure Camptotheca Native Seed are very scarce and in high demand here in United Kingdom and the product is not illegal.

We have in the past, been purchasing the herbal materials from Sri Lanka or India. My company use to send me to India to buy the product. The company has promoted me to the post of Manager. Because, of my recent promotion, I would not be sent to India again to buy the product. The company will being sending a more junior staff. I used to buy this product from the local dealer in India at the rate of Rs.55,000 per a packet, that contains ten sachets. But the company usually pays $1,900 per packet.

Now, my procurement Director has asked me to give him, the contact of the local dealer in India. I do not want my company to know the actual price that I usually buy the product from India. Therefore, I do not want my company to have the direct contact of the local dealer in India. So, that i will continue getting my reward financially from the transaction. I need a trustworthy person, in India whom I can present to the company as the dealer of the product. All you need to do, is to buy this product from the local dealer at the rate of Rs.55,000 per packet, and supply to our company at the rate of $1,900. The profit will be shared between you and I. Since you are from Indian, you will only need to get this product from the local dealer at a cheaper local rate to supply/ re-sold at a much higher rate to our company in the United Kingdom on regular basis. I will give you the contact of the Indian dealer who you will get the products from at the local cheap rate (Rs.55,000 Rupees = USD 754,924 while you will supply to my Company at higher price (INR 138,387.39 = US$1,900), thereby making profit to share by you and me. I can easily work out a purchase agreement between you and my company which will make them issue you a purchase agreement and supply order immediately.

Once, you have indicated your interest in this transaction. with an assurance that you will be honest and you will not betray me on the high interest to be made, I will provide you with the contact details of the local Indian dealer which you will get the Camptotheca Native Seed Kindly, note that the company will need between 300 packets and above, based on the quantity you will be able to supply.

Please, include your detail as listed below when replying this mail to enable us proceed further:
Full Name, Address, Phone Number, Age and Occupation. Once I receive your fast response, I will give your details to my company's procurement Director.

Note: this is genuine and legitimate business. Camptotheca Native Seed is legal. But I don't want my company to have the direct contact of the Indian vendor, if this happens, We cannot make profit .And it can cost me my job.

Mr. Gregson.