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Scammer talking. Don't write to scammer please.

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Date: Sat, 13 Sep 2008
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Dear Brother,

My good name is Emeka, s/o Agbo from Nkanu, enugu state. I want to share money with contact like you. i believe in fair share of money not been greed for nothing. i do value the trust you have if sending a job to me that trust i will not like to betray it.I know that many betray each other becoz of greed, there are many that are selfish and arrogant simply because they dont understand how the system works to me i want to make money. and the only way to do that is to work with trust.I will like you to test me by sending a brother i m using this internet media to let you know that i do any kind of Asian jobs, as in come and carry, hacking money into account.I do package and engage most clients in face-to-face execution.

My brother packaging is the main thing in this our field but as you know give your clients impression that the consignment in question will be sent through Delivery Agent. NOTE: you will make sure that you have give the client bill for clearing of his consignment from catcher side, and the client accepts to pay the bill when the consignment arrives here, is very important!!! Then tell your client that this bill will be paid to the custom account which the Delivery Agent is going to provide.then after the consignment is been released to the delivery agent with a yellow tag which will cover the consignment and gives the delivery agent the immunity to deliver safely to your clients contact address.

Guy you will have to tell your clients to make sure he or she follows the instructions of the Delivery Agent to avoid anything that will lead to lose of the consignment here in his/her country, Finally, inform the client that the Delivery Agent do not know what is inside the trunk box as it was been declared to him as family treasure not money so he/she should not tell the delivery agent. The mugu must follow all instructions given by the Delivery Agent to avoid mistakes.and he/she must pay the clearing charges first before the consignment will be released and delivered. It is very important!! job mode of sharing is 60/40 account is also available in this office; account mode of sharing is 40/60; you can add me on yahoo msg at (

One love,