Habiba Kabara


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Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2018
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Greetings my dear,

I am contacting you based on my situation and for good reason, I am looking for a property to buy in your country, as I plan to come to your country for investment, although I have not met you before, but I believe that someone has to risk trusting someone to succeed at times in life.

My name is Mrs. Habiba Kabara, I'm 33 years old, my late husband works in crude oil with the federal government of southern Sudan and he has a personal oil company in the oil zone and the Upper Nile city. What I have experience physically, I do not wish to experience it again in my life due to the recent civil ethnic war in my country southern Sudan, and to the militant groups, I went to the United Nations field in Chad to save my life and that of my small daughter.

However, I do not know how you will feel about my proposal, but the truth is that I went furtively to the Senegal, West African country where I am living now, I am under the Muslim organization of Senegal Touba. (STMO) here, is lite refugee we do not have freedom at all. I escaped with my little daughter when the rebels came into our house on 04/21/2016 and killed my husband as one of the great oil traffickers in the country, since then, I'm on the run.

I want to solicit your partnership with confidence to invest the $3.2 million deposited by my late husband because my life is no longer safe in our country, as the rebels are looking for the families of all the oil business men in the country to kill, saying that they are the ones who are ordering the country dry. I want you to help me transfer the money into your bank account in your country. I have informed the bank and they told me to look for a foreign partner that can stand on my behalf due to my current status i can not do the transfer myself alone.

I will offer you 30% of the total fund for your help while I will partner with you for the investment in your country.

I look forward to hearing from you to give you more details and here is the picture of me and my little daughter, just help me because of the innocent child.
With love,
Mrs. Habiba.