Habiba Kabarah, in Paraguay


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Return-Path: <yabra654@gmail.com>
Received: from (EHLO mail-io1-f67.google.com) (
From: Habiba Kabarah <yabra654@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2019
Subject: Re: REPLY

Good news
I hope you are reading this message with good health. Please forgive me for being a long time before writing to you, not really my fault.
I want you to know that I received a help from a British business man based in Paraguay. He was able to help me in the transfer which you started. Now, I live with him in Paraguay.
I did not forget your past efforts made to help me during my stay at the refugee camp in Senegal. I know that you
tried everything to help me, but things did not work for us at that time.
Due to the effort you made to help me, and the great love and concern you showed me during the period we
are communicating with each other, I decided to show my appreciation for your effort during that time. Here is a DEBIT CARD of US$350,000.00 (three hundred and fifty thousand US dollars) for you. I did it because God answered my prayers and blessed me.
You should contact the Rev. Charles who is the Reverend father in the refugee comp, so that he can send this DEBIT CARD to you. You have to get in touch with him via his email: [revcharlessene@gmail.com]
I had already explained how you tried to help me when I was in the refugee camp to him. You must let me know once you receive the DEBIT CARD.
Your friend Habiba.