Hackers leak details of 13k users of PlayStation, Xbox and Amazon

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Hackers who say they are affiliated to Anonymous, the shadowy anarchist hacking collective, release document 'containing passwords and credit card numbers'

A gang of internet hackers claims it has leaked personal details of more than 13,000 users of PlayStation, Xbox and sites including Amazon in what appears to be the latest high-profile breach of internet security in recent weeks.
The hackers - who say they are affiliated to Anonymous, the shadowy anarchist hacking collective - released a document containing username and password combinations, with credit card numbers and expiry dates added later.
Microsoft’s Xbox games console, Sony’s PlayStation equivalent, and online gaming site Twitch.tv were among the main targets of the hack, the Dailydot.com website reported. Other reported targets include Walmart, the US supermarket giant, Amazon, Dell, computer games including The Sims 3 and Dragon Age: Origins and a host of porn sites.
Games consoles such as Xbox and Playstation, as well as computer games, use the internet so that gamers can play each other online.
The hackers, who posted on Twitter that they had carried the hack out "for the Lulz", or laughs, also uploaded the The Interview, the controversial Sony film that has recently caused a diplomatic row involving the US and North Korea, to a file-sharing website where it can be illegally downloaded.
A tweet, posted by the @AnonymousGlobo account, said: “A total of approximately 13k accounts. We did for the Lulz.â€￾
If confirmed, the apparent hack comes soon after other high-profile breaches of internet security.


By Tom Brooks-Pollock 27 Dec 2014