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Mrs. Maureen Opal

Several months ago I received an email stating I was selected as a beneciary for Four (4) million dollars from Mr. and Mrs. Harold Diamond. I did send in initial money and nothing more. Several weeks ago I received another email from Annette Claude who was listed as the person to release this fund and I would receive a COY CODE after providing more money. In total, and to my devastating financial and emotional embarrassment, I've finally released Harold Diamond scam on email//don't know why I waited so long and can't believe I could be this naïve` and needy and stupid. I've lost about $40,000 and all my savings, my IRA's, annuities, and even forwarded more money from my personal bank and signature account. After each amt. sent, was told there was yet one more fee to pay, ( a fee for taxes, to release swift code(18,000$), a reflections dept, an fianancil dept. My contact person through this entire scam has been a man with an Aftican American accent who supposedly is an employee from PNB Paribas bank not in US. Still don't know where this is????? He's been my constant contact in emails,texts, and phone calls and says he's 80 yrs old, lives in San Diego, Ca., with wife Emily, and is a devout Roman Catholic who, in fact, has 'Helped' me to pay some of these fees by himself, by borrowing from his wife, and friends-- couple of times supposedly sent money from friends and then they had family emergency and had to take their money right back// PLEASE, ANYONE, IF ANY OF THIS SOUNDS VAGUELY FAMILIAR, DON'T SEND A DIME AND CONTACT YOUR NEAREST LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY!!! MY LIFE, MY FINANCES, AND MY CREDIT ARE TOTALLY RUINED AND I'M ELDERLY AND WON'T BE ABLE TO RECOUP THESE LOSES ON MY SOCIAL SECURITY. !!

De Master Yoda

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@Mrs Opal welcome to AFI. I am very sorry to hear that you lost money to these scammers. And thank you for having the courage to post so that others will be warned and hopefully not fall for these scams.

You can report this to the attorney general in your area: https://www.azag.gov/contact-us
Mark Brnovich is an American lawyer and politician from the state of Arizona who currently serves as Attorney General of Arizona.

A report to your local police would help as well. If the attorney generals of the various states receive enough complaints they may decide to act.
Maybe if enough people send in enough reports they will decide that more needs to be done to stop the massive loss of money out of the USA and to help stop the heartache of all those affected.

Hopefully they will realize that a few million invested in more anti cybercrime resources will save many BILLIONS that is currently lost.

If you need some help or friendly advice, please register and then contact a mod or admin via the "conversation" system which is a private message system. All our mods and admins are very reliable and sincere people.

Please do not under any circumstances send any more money, as it is probable that they will try to scam you again by various means. Possibly via a Recovery scam saying they can get your money back BUT you have to send fees to do this, (All untrue).
If you have sent them any bank or credit card details then please close these accounts. It may take some time but if you stop all contact with them eventually they will go away.

BNP Paribas (French pronunciation: [be ɛn pe paʁibɑ]) is a French bank and financial services company with global headquarters in Paris. However the bank has no connecti0on to these scammers who are just using the banks name to scam with.
Thank you and I hope we can assist you to get your life back to normal.