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One He-Goat Short Of A Westy
from: harrison grass <harrison.grass00@gmail.com>
date: Aug 15, 2019, 9:39 PM
subject: Re: Please Send More Info Urgently

Good day Sir,

I am so happy for your answer, I write to you based on a company request, a foreigner's needs to execute a contract Supply in any countries.

My name is Harrison Grass, Executive Director and also US citizen currently in China for the business investor, our company head office is here in China, the company need interests of very good corporation partnership.

Due to the sensitivity of the position in the Society and enterprise shall have investment environment to evacuate most of their funds to more stable economies and developed nations where they can get a good return for our money.

However the company requests a better person who is willing to take the position field of marketing products, the company shall establish TMP World Trade Company with the interests of the partnership on it's behalf abroad, and the company shall establish partner service. . field in your country with the company's agreement.

The profits shall be due to the company after years of contracts projects and successfully.

Partners shall make a profit of 2 to 5 more years. and have ownership of the company after a maximum of five years. These terms:

1). 10% commission paid to the company and total funds successfully evacuated. The funds in question are maximum profits in total. If we are successfully establish the company in your country, this $(50,000,000) fifty million dollars fund will also be available for you in future establishment by the partner.

2) The funds will be used by the partner for as an interest free loan. That is,
you pay no interest on the money but give the company 50% of all profits after reducing the tax you accumulated with the use of funds.

If these terms are pleasing to you, kindly let me know that Upon your approval, to confirm that you have interest to become a new partner, you shall see your name and country of location and the basic activity field you are participating in the company, your data profile shall be uploaded to the TMP World Trading Business website as a partner member, The username and password shall be given to you for client login to the TMP World Trade website and to communicate with any clients partners. kindly check our website the field you really want to participate in the TMP. indicate here for us.

Also we have many partners in many countries like Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Germany, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, London, South Africa, Spain, Also trying to establish Los Angels United State.

Many countries moving to establish more. after the TMP World Trading Company, Also our representative shall visit you in your country and set up a conference meeting with you how to establish the TMP World Trading Company in your country.

Here is our website to check out our basic activities. experts in the field you want to go and we shall grant that by import and export to your country, for you to be understand please go to our website, look forward to hear from you again"thank you.

Here is our website http://www.tmp.es

Mr. Harrison Grass
Director- TMP World Trading Company.
Email: harrison.grass00@gmail.com
Company Email: tmpworldtradebusiness@yahoo.com
Fax cellphone No: + 140-8822-9237