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Harry, 48
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Berlin, Deutschland
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Badoo IM
XXXX — 10:07
Hi, I just came over your profile, I like it...how are you doing? Today we have a very nice day with lots of sunshine again...hope that spring will really arrive soon. Have a nice start into the new week and perhaps till?????

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XXXX — Montag, 08 April 2013 13:09
Harry — 11:23
i think it is a better chance for me to let you understand that to get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.when god takes something from your grasp, he's not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. concentrate on this sentence.the will of god will never take you where the grace of god will not protect you.something good is coming in your way; something that you have been waiting to hear.here is my email <harryadamssch@yahoo.com> incase you care to have a heart to heart conversation with me on yahoo messenger.
however,am Caring,Nice,Kind,Faithful,Loyal and God fearing Man.
I am a Man of High Moral Integrity..... Kind and Very Supportive.. I believe I am the Type of man a woman would Love to spend the rest of Her Life with be cos I have the Qualities a man should have.
anyway,let me have your email so that i will send to you many of my pictures and let you see me on webcam if you would mind to chat on yahoo messenger
XXXX — 15:26
Hello again, I am deeply impressed by your dear words, will send you a mail soon....
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<harryadamssch@yahoo.com> leads to

(Harry Adams, 48, Dulles, Virginia)
(Harry, 48, Albany, NY)
(Harry, 48, Newburgh, United States)

I already met this person or another using the same pics as
Rafael Marcos <rafaelmacks@yahoo.com> May, 17, 2012 on Badoo
IP address – Mtn Nigeria - Bénin - Nigeria

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Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 10:15 AM
FROM Harry Adams TO You
Harry Adams from Badoo

I will like to start by introducing myself to you. I am Harry Adams ,i am here in Berlin now for establishing my personal petroleum company though i havent found house that i like to buy here in Berlin and am still staying in a hotel for now.am 6'3 feet,brown eyes,183lbs weight and I am an engineer/contractor,i have had alot of contract deals for shell petroleum in almost all corners of the globe.

i attended seminary schools but left the ambition after my dad died as a German soldier in duty in gulf war,i left Germany after my graduation in university by an invitation from john hofmiester who was the president of shell petroleum but now working in affordable energy as founder and CEO .my wife and my mom died on five years ago together in a vehicle accident .

I don't think I need to deceive anyone just for me to have a woman. I believe that if you could not accept me of who I am, Then we are just might be wasting each others time.I believe that faith can lead us to a very beautiful direction. That eventually we might end up with each other if we are really meant for each other. I believe that we are going to have a good chemistry for each other, as far as We both will be honest of what we really are. Laying all the cards of what we should expect from each other. My heart is free and open also I will be happy, if I find the same heart and it will be mutual.take a very good care of yourself for me OK, i will send you my pictures once i hear from you.

I do not like liars or cheaters, i travel alot because of the nature of my job and the one am undergoing the negotiation now, but believe me it will not be a hindrance to our relationship and of our future life.
Things do not have to be perfect but with mature mind, we can really understand ourselves. I am willing to try anything once. I love all kinds of music (, Reggae, R & B, calypso, jazz and some rap). During the summer i like to spend my weekends Camping, hiking or walking along the beach together with someone that god put in my way.

and..tell me more about yourself. I will appreciate it... hope to hear..from..you ASAP!....Cheers




IP address - Vgc Communication - n/a - Nigeria

Tue, May 28, 2013 at 9:28 AM
FROM Harry Adams TO You
while am here now and thinking about the times we have spent talking to each other, i still wonder if am dreaming this magical life with you. holding this conversation with you will bring joy into my life again, when i thought i couldn't feel this way about anyone, anymore. you came into my life suddenly and brought happiness .i am just thankful that you are in my life. the road for us is still long and wide.but remember i will always be by your side to support you, no matter what.

IP address - Vgc Communication - n/a - Nigeria
another email address: <anthonyjradams@yahoo.com


Wed, May 29, 2013 at 5:16 AM
FROM Anthony Adams TO You
my name is Anthony Adams ,the son of Andrew Adams .i like to let you know that i do show my appreciation in your relationship with my dad


Fake profile Facebook
Ethan Smith
Location: Langley (British Columbia)
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Facebook member since 11/02/2012
His pics are known.

The scammer is using this pic as well:


Skye address: jake_sears2
Middleville, Vereinigte Staaten, US
No further informations


Some email addresses the scammers with these stolen pics are using:

(IP address – EMTS Nigeria Limited – Etisalat - Nigeria)

(IP address – Mtn Nigeria – Bénin – Nigeria)
I know this scammer since May, 23, 2012 – as Raphael Marcos - posted on board!



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Mayfield Victor

Frank Ham
Christopher Nels Casey
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Christopher Nels Casey

Christopher Nels Casey
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