Harry Mills - Berlin


Harrymills, 55
Wants to date with a girl, older than 45
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Berlin, Deutschland
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Ãœber mich
I have never smoked and for the most part, consume healthy oriented foods. My natural eye color is blue, and i have gray hair. I exercise on a regular basis and involve myself in a variety of sports and exercise activities, some as a spectator (Olympics, auto racing, competition pistol shooting and ball sports) and some as a participant , being the main ones. Hey ... I'm a man!

As a self …
Interessiert an
looking for someone who is serious to be with
Persönliche Infos
Beziehungsstatus: Ich bin Single
Orientierung: Ich bin heterosexuell
Aussehen: 201cm (6' 7''), 77kg (170lbs), durchschnittlich, graue Haare und blaue Augen
Wohnsituation: Alleine
Kinder: Bereits ausgeflogen
Rauchen: Anti-Raucher
Alkohol: Nein, ich mag keinen Alkohol
Ausbildung: Hochschule/Uni
Sprachen: Englisch (Muttersprache), Deutsch (Durchschnittlich)
Arbeit: self employed. Ich habe ein gutes Einkommen.

und einige andere Seiten, der Betrüger scheint aus Nigeria zu sein!

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XXXX — 09:07
Guten Morgen, ich bin gerade über Ihr Profil gekommen, es gefällt mr. Sie sprechen außer Englisch auch Deutsch? Well, I do understand a little English too. Hope you are doing well. Ich wünsche Ihnen ein schönes, hoffentlich sonniges Wochenende. Have a nice weekend in Berlin!
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Paul Evans

53 year old, man from muskegon, United States
About Me and My Life
am open-minded, very health-conscious, cheerful. I am very sincere in finding my other half in the near future. If you are similarly sincere and looking for good man, then I hope you will give me a chance.I am down-to-earth, loving, very respectful, and know how to treat a Woman. If you are truly looking for a loving, pleasant, cheerful, health-conscious man that you can have a wonderful, fulfilled life with, then look no further. I would love to have a faithful, loving wife and family and will do everything possible to have a wonderful relationship that is based on love and mutual respect
My Interests/Hobbies
believe we are meant to share living with another person. To me happiness is having someone to love and to be loved by someone. I want to meet a wonderful woman who will love me for who i am, there is nothing more special than having someone special in life

am paul from mydailyflog.com....am writing to confirm you get this before i could email you more about me to see if we gone have things in common....pls get back to me asap....


X-Originating-Email: [p.e1959@live.com]