Has anyone ever shown up?

I have a friend that appears to be in a romance scam and its been playing out for the last 5 years. He started talking to her back then and she was in Florida and had a trip planned to Accra Ghana for 4 months. Since she has no family where she came from apparently she was ending her trip by coming to Canada to be with him.

First attempt he went to the airport and she didn't show. He got an email later with photos of her standing in front of landmarks in the area. But having not met with him she returned to Africa instead of returning to the states where she was from.

No money for plane fare I beleive that is when he began sending her money. Her next attempt ending in her going to jail because of some kind of gold nuggets that she was bringing with her. Sent to jail for no idea how long friends of hers in africa continued to communicate with him through email. Months later he got an email that she was free and clear and could make arrangements again. Also suggesting going to the US consolate was met with "they wont help her".

At least 2 other attempts and possibly others to come here she got sick or had an accident on the way to the airport.

I recently learned he has been sending her money all along but wont disclose the amount she has received. The last amount of money he was sending her I begged him not to send it and email her that he can't afford to be giving her more money which he can't.

Another flight is booked. He received an email from an agent with a flight summary.

Question is will she be on that plane this time? Has anyone actually arrived after this type of scenerio?

Need advice.

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She is a he and he is never going to be on that airplane. The best thing he can do is just drop it. None of the story is real. He's in a scam and he needs to stop. If he got a picture of some blond woman living in Ghana or with a passport from there, it's not really her. It's a picture of a model.

Don't send money and don't answer the emails.

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