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From: info@rapidcargodispatch.com

I received this letter. I don't know the name who mentioned me in the letter but did last night a guy I chat with told me that if he cour send a package to my address from some sort of catch he got from terrorists in afghanistan where he is now deployed. Just for fun I gave one address, not mine to see how far he would go because I didn't believe him but now that I receive this mail I even think he is not even Jackson Humphrey (the name he told me) or even in the military .
What would you do?
Simply block him and that's it, confront?
Any suggestions?
Now I'm a little afraid he has some address of mine and my name

ATTENTION --------my name

We received your letter from Jefferson Porter mentioning your name as the new beneficiary of the box which he deposited in our company. Before we can proceed to release the box to you. You are required to send us the fallowing details

1. A photocopy of your driver's license or International Passport.
2. A photocopy of any of your utility bills receipt. For example; electricity bill receipt, water bill receipt or gas bill receipt. This is to enable us verify your address.

3. What is your occupation.
4. Phone Number ,
5. Airport close to you ,

Soon as we have received the above listed information from you. We shall proceed

with the preparation of change of beneficiary documents and swearing of Oath of affidavit in your name which makes you a legal beneficiary to the box.

Best regards,
Hassan Ahmed
Administrative Staff
Rapid Courier Dispatch


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Delivery company scam.

Delete the email and don't respond to him again. Also see the sticky at Why your delivery company email is a scam

Also, the website is fake and will be taken care of.
Thank you, I for sure don’t think was real but don’t understand where the scam. What would they gain or benefit. Is it just getting information to hack?
I’m completely ignorant on this but would like to know and of course I didn’t answer them
Thanks again