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She is in the Philippines and she gives me a phone number for Arizona? :confused:

Return-Path: <heatherl2456@yahoo.com>
Received: from, Lagos, Nigeria, Spectranet Limited
Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2012
From: Heather Lawrence <heatherl2456@yahoo.com>
Reply-To: [heatherl2456@live.com]
Subject: Terrible Situation !!!!!!!!!! Heather Lawrence

Good Morning,

Sorry to disturb you but i had to send this message to you, due to an unforeseen circumstance that I encountered. I travelled with my family for a short vacation to Manila,Philippines and unfortunately for us, we had an accident of which I dislocated my right arm and my head got bruised. The driver of the cab passed on due to internal bleeding and the injuries he sustained on his head.

I have not been able to reach any one due to the fact that I misplaced my phone,credit card and some valuable document during the accident.Thank goodness, my family are safe. My family are presently in the hospital, due to the injuries we sustained.I need your urgent assistance.

I anticipate your response.

Heather R. Lawrence
Phone: 480.390.9822