Helen Patrick, Libya


Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
from: Angel Helen <tafadiopchambersassociates@yahoo.se>
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date: Oct 4, 2019, 8:13 PM
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Hello, i am single humble girl searching for true love, i am caring, obedience, straight-forward, truthful and passionate, message me to my email: helenpatrrick@gmail.com


Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
from: Helen Patrick <helenpatrrick@gmail.com>
date: Jan 14, 2020, 7:07 PM
subject: Thanks for your interest from Miss Helen.
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Hello darling,

Thanks for your reply, and how are you today with your health and work? As you already know, my name is Miss. Helen Patrick, i am 28 years old single girl looking for true love, and a partner, i am humble, honest, kind, and caring, I am from Tripoli, Libya, but currently i am living under Catholic Church (Orphanage Refugee Camp) a non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Senegal, because i lost all members of my family during Libya civil war.

I want you to assist me transfer my late father money to your country for investment, the amount is, $4.2Million US Dollars deposited in my name as the next of kin, i have made the necessary inquiry, the bank authority did not allow me retrieve the money by my self, because of my refugee status. They asked me to present a representative who will represent me and stand on my behalf to claim the funds. That is why i contact you with confidence and trust that you will not turn me down, or betray me after the money is transfer to you.

I will give you 40% of the money after the transfer for helping me, while the remaining amount will be invest in your country with 50% equal profits sharing. Quickly reply back with brief introductions about yourself, to enable me give you more details and procedure.

I will wait your quick reply today after reading this mail.

Thanks and God bless you.
I love you.
Miss Helen.
Phone: +221 761 638 169.



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Total Libyan. :rolleyes: