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From: "Mr. Henry Morgan" <officerfede@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 18 Aug 2008
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Dearest Customer

Good day to you, we are pleased to notify of your undelivered package that has been here in our Undelivered Package Store, which has been over some months ago now.

Be informed that the Board Of Trustees has yesterday approved the delivery of your package by you securing a waiver Form which will waive out the fee as required from you some months ago which has made your package stay long here in our office after our delivery agent was stopped by your Government due to the required fee as needed.

Be informed that you will have to secure the Waiver Form, which is cost the sum of $100 USD this fee should be paid urgently so that we can commence on the delivery of your package.

The delivery will be on Diplomat Delivery to your house address and all you needed to do now is to scan a Copy of your Drivers License or State Passport which the diplomat will use as recognition of you being the beneficiary of the package.

You are hereby advised to send the $100 USD and also send the scan identity in your next email with the Money Gram Reference Number of the $100 USD waiver form fee.

Here are the details of Payment.
Senders Name:?.
Senders Address?..
Receivers Name: Zino Lucky
Address: NO 12 aka road Victoria Island LAGOS NIGERIA
Text Question: WHO IS OUR HELPER
Text Answer: GOD
Money Gram Reference Number
Amount: $100 USD

The payment for the $100 USD will facilitate the delivery of your package through our official diplomats.

Truly Your's
Mr. Henry Morgan

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