Henry Paul, Propel Drink

from: henry paul <henrypaul18563@gmail.com>
date: Mon, Mar 5, 2018 at 4:01 PM
subject: From Mr Henry

Thanks for getting back to us and we got the information requested from you, thank you for your Co-operation.

We are pleased to inform you that you meet our laid out plans for this advertisement as your information has been received. Below are some questions you need to answer before we can proceed.

1.. How long do you intend to carry the advert on your car 1 month or 3 months?
2.. Do you use your car everyday?
3.. Send the picture of your vehicle.
4.. Do you have a bank account to deposit the check?

PROPEL DRINK will take full responsibility for placing and remove decal on your car and it will not resort to any damage. Also we have OUT-SOURCED the payment of funds to you to another Agency, so please do not be alarmed by the payment not coming directly from PROPEL DRINK Your upfront payment would made after you have sent a reply with answer to the questions above and The car graphic Installer will come to your location to install the labels on your car or bike. more so the Installer fund too will be included which you will be giving to the specialist to get the materials to wrap your vehicle. Text or call 505-717-0283


Yeah, this f****r contacted me too and is like we will mail you a check for 3000, and I am like, no one mails anyone 3000 for any job.