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Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2019

Can you work for our company and receive a good salary/commission,Reply us for more details Warm Regards Mr. Henry Walter


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Good Day

The Board of Directors of Belboss Consulting, uses this medium to congratulate you on the approval of your application, it has been forwarded to our personnel department for processing. Your information will be forwarded to our clients as one of our new survey agent immediately, as soon as they have any job for you it will be communicated to you through us

We specialize in all areas of project evaluation, including project design, project monitoring, project evaluation, monitoring and evaluation plans, survey design, and evaluation training, with special expertise in international development projects and programs,interviewing,focus group facilitation,document and data analysis,strategic management expertise.

We work collaboratively with foundations and nonprofit organizations to provide strategic consulting services that inform organizational effectiveness and learning.

We will send your Evaluation Package (contains evaluation instruction and funds in form of a Check or direct deposit) to facilitate you in carrying out the evaluation.You shall be paid commission per every elation you carry out and completed.The Evaluation letter will contain instructions on how to carry out the evaluation, this evaluation letter will be sent to your email as well.

You should note that the first six months of your employment constitute a probationary period during which we can fully assess your transparency and prudence in handling of financial transaction and discharge of your duty as a customer elevator. You will be required to adhere to the working rules and regulation enforced in this company from time to time.

I'll be in touch. Kindly fill out the following, you can have this printed out for your records.

Full Names:
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This organization is an equal opportunity organization devoid of gender bias, We also pride our self with people of diverse race or coloration.

Email: altaconsulting@job4u.com
Tel: (843) 633-1690
Best Regards
Henry Walter