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Home equity theft scam!

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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008
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Dear Friend,

My name is Herman Smith, a business man from UK. I have some funds of mine at the tune of $27,000,000 (twenty Seven Million Dollars) and I will want to transfer $9,000,000 (Nine Million Dollars) to your account for investment purposes in the real estate business.

25% of the said funds will be allocated to you for your assistance,You will not spend any single money from your pocket to see to the end of this transaction, since the charges to acquire the covering documents of the said funds will be wired to your Home or Business Equity Line of Credit Account which you will need to provide to test your sincerity not to sit on the funds.

This transaction is 100% legal and above board, moreover I had to be very careful about the scams going on all over the world before contacting you since I do not want to be a victim. I sincerely hope you have the said HOME/BUSINESS EQUITY LINE OF CREDIT ACCOUNT and do keep this transaction confidential within yourself so that we can both achieve our aims. Do reply if interested for me to give more information and how the transfer will be effected.

Best Regards,
Herman Smith