Hilton Ronald, Canada Dry

from: Hilton Ronald <hilton.ronald57@gmail.com>
date: Mon, Nov 20, 2017 at 8:10 AM
subject: Re: car wrap

We like to bring to your notice that our representative have mail out payment to your residence address provided; And we have been informed that Payment of $1,600 was send to you that will cover the decal expenses and your first week payment and for your"CANADA DRY SELTZER WATER " Auto wrap Advertisement today via Fedex Courier Service with the Tracking # 788498776619 which will be delivered to your location tomorrow..... You are to take the Check to your Bank to have it deposited and it will cleared in your bank within a business day if for some reason you aren't able to get instant cash value for it from your bank, have it deposit and deduct $500 as your weekly wages and the rest balance should be send via ( Money Gram ) in a minute service to the expert carrying the advert on your Car, so they can make all the necessary arrangement for the supplies needed for the wrap placement, and the wire charges to send the fund should be deducted from the specialist fee not from your weekly wages. Below is the specialist information you are require to send the fund to below;

Name========Shambrentta Oliver
Address=====14 Hart St
State=======AL 35049

We will like you to email the Western union OR Money Gram Money Transfer details for Confirmation upon completion of payment within 24hr you receive the Check.
1. Reference # as it is appears on the receipt,
2. Best time that the Specialist can meet up with you at your residence for the placement of the Wrap on your Vehicle. Note: CANADA DRY SELTZER WATER will take full responsibility for placing and remove decal on your car and it will not resort to any damage. And also you are entitle to receive $500 weekly wages for you carrying out our decal on your Car and upon the process for the wrap placement, you will receive an agreement form to sign by the specialist the same day the wrap will take place at your residence. Acknowledge receipt of this email immediately.

Kind Regards.
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