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@Jerry1490 - First of all we are not a due diligence site and to post your question in Finance & Trading SCAMS, without evidence of a scam, is not good.

There are companies on the internet who, and for a fee, perform due diligence on your behalf. A google search in this matter will assist you.

Head Office:
Hindmarsh LC trading as Hindmarsh Finance, 4/52 Bear Street, Melbourne, Vic. 3195, Australia

Property Type: HOUSE

If the above site holds the correct information, is Hindmarsh Finance running their business from a private dwelling?

For this post to remain on our site and in this forum, we require further evidence please.

Thank you.


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Like Sapphire says, we need some context. Names mean nothing by themselves. If we have heard of them and if it is a scam then it's here; if not, we haven't seen or heard of them before.

Roy Lungu

For all concerned parties Hindmarsh Finance is registered in Australia ABN 78718511955
Registered Address & Principal Place of Business: 33 Peak Avenue, Main Beach, Qld. 4217, Australia
Business Name Holder: Roy Lungu
Status: Registered

Max Dreyfuss

Has anyone ever dealt with Hindmarsh Finance based in Australia, or Roy Lungu and Viorel Goian?
Trying to do some due diligence.
WARNING! Roy Lungu is the same person as Aurel Lungu. He calls himself “Roy” to confuse the innocent and credulous persons he approaches. He is a SCAMMER! He lives in Constanta, Romania, and pretends he is a strategic investor from Australia, dealing with large-scale projects. What? CEO of Hindmarsh Finance? That’s real bull-shit. Hindmarsh Finance is a deregistered/removed company.
Anyone can register a company in Australia, it takes 15 minutes to do so and costs around 100 AUD (local currency). He has no proven record in the financial sector. He has no clue or understanding about securities or derivatives or high-ticket industrial financing, all you see on his social media pages is copied from other sources on the internet. His company logo is also copied without permission from Hindmarsh Construction Australia (http://www.hindmarsh.com.au/). His branches in Europe and U.S. are just as fake as his stage name or his non-existent empire. He is using local gullible “agents” in Romania, with zero results. He has a criminal record (was a convicted criminal) related to scams in real estate/housing market – check below:
http://house-factory.blogspot.ro/ (please watch the short movie here)
If you want to waste your time and money, then go ahead and deal with this CRIMINAL/SCAMMER. If you are a well-documented person who wants peace of mind, then STAY AWAY!


Dear All!

Kindly let me know, on what grounds, you have come to this conlusion.

Whether any of you did a business with hindmarsh? or it is only a net based information.

Kindly Confirm.

Thanks & Regards


Friendly One

Max Dreyfuss( is nothing more than a dirty Internet Troll And is talking out of his ARSE

I've known Roy Lungu for many years and he is envied by idiots like Max because he is an honest business man who immigrated to Australia for a better life. Max is probably a total loser still living in Romania lol
Durrr as if anyone would take notice of you ... WOW