Huda Al-Ghoson, Saudi Aramco

Hua Mulan

Staff member
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From: Huda Al-ghoson <>
Date: Sun, 17 May 2020
Subject: Re: Details


Thanks for your response.

I necessitate your partnership on a transaction worth 12.5 million Dollars as soon as you agree to work with me which is voluntary on your part and if you are not interested there is no problem whatsoever as I will take it in good faith and please I plead with you not to disclose it to anybody as I do not want to have any issues because of my Profile and Status in my country.

SAUDI ARABIA OIL COMPANY (SAUDI ARAMCO) where I work made a deal for the supply of Twenty Five Million barrels (25,000,000.00 Barrels) of BRENT CRUDE OIL to an OVERSEAS OIL FIRM at the rate of 67.5 Dollars per barrel some weeks ago.

After the quotation was made and the deal sealed oil prices fell in the World Oil Market to 67 Dollars and with the influence of my office I was able to revert the Documents in the records here in Saudi Arabia to the new price which is 67 Dollars making an excess of 50 cents or half a dollar on each barrel of crude sold. This makes a total excess sum of 12.5million United States Dollars.

Already SAUDI ARAMCO has received its payment and now with my Contacts in the Overseas Bank where the excess 12.5m Dollars is Lodged I will want to present you to the Overseas Bank as the Beneficiary of the Balance 12.5m Dollars funds been Your Outstanding Payment for Contract Executed with SAUDI ARAMCO and I will prepare all documentation and paperwork to this regards showing you are a Contractor supplying OIL SERVICING EQUIPMENT to SAUDI ARAMCO so the funds can be released to you as beneficiary.

I can personally assure you that this transaction is 100% risk-free and legal and as a Saudi Citizen and a Senior Officer here I cannot present myself to the Offshore bank for the payment to be made to me for Confidentiality and also I cannot present any of my Family and friends here in Saudi Arabia and this is the reason I contacted you for your assistance and we shall share the funds in the ratio of 60% (Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars(7.5m Dollars)) for me and 40%(Five Million Usd(5m Dollars) for you once the deal has been completed.

Please indicate your interest and willingness to assist to enable me to send more details to you about the transaction.

I await your response.

Mrs. Huda Al-ghoson,
Saudi Aramco.


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From: Huda Al-ghoson <>
Date: Thu, 28 May 2020
Subject: Details


Once again let me thank you for your reply and assure you of my honesty, trust, and sincerity in achieving this transaction which is a lifetime opportunity and one of the major sources of wealth for the rich and affluent here in the middle east. This transaction is very real and genuine and this excess crude oil payment will be released to you as beneficiary legally through the normal company procedures and hence it is recorded and documented and you have a say just like every Saudi Aramco Contractor.

You should not have anything to worry about, as I want you to know that I have had everything planned out so that we shall come out successful. This excess amount on the crude supply sales to the Overseas Oil Firm will be released to you via SAUDI ARAMCO OVERSEAS OFFSHORE BANK and they will set up AN ONLINE PROJECT ACCOUNT there for you so that the funds can be moved into the project account opened in your name which shows you have been a contractor supplying Refining Chemicals to SAUDI ARAMCO and this sum of 12.5m Dollars is to be remitted to you as your outstanding payment for Contract executed with SAUDI ARAMCO. It is from this PROJECT ACCOUNT you can then transfer the funds to any other account of yours anywhere in the world and also transfer my share also to me.

My attorney will prepare the necessary Deed Of Agreement to be signed by both of us and all that is required from you at this stage is for you to provide me with your Full Names, date of birth, occupation, telephone number and residential or work address as well as a copy of your Drivers Licence or International passport so that the attorney can perfect the Mutual Agreement Document between us which states how we shall share the money after it must have been released to you as beneficiary.

Also, Saudi Aramco will issue the necessary invoice to the Overseas Payment Bank for the release of the total sum of 12.5m Dollars to you. This total sum of Funds is free and floating and hence I will place you as the beneficiary to the funds by placing you as a Contractor to SAUDI ARAMCO so that the funds will be paid to you as outstanding payment for the last contract executed for our Company. Do not worry as all documentation and paperwork to that effect will be processed by me in our records.

I want you to assure me that you will follow up this business seriously and as soon as I hear from you with your information, I shall give the Attorney a go-ahead to prepare the agreement and file in all paperwork with Saudi Aramco in your name Placing you as a Contractor so the funds can be released to you.

I shall be waiting for your response and assurance in this regard, you need to be someone whom I can rely upon, at least for absolute commitment.

Please we must adhere to strict confidentiality and secrecy regards this business so we can succeed as I cannot compromise my position and office.

I will be attaching my work id for your perusal and trust.

Mrs. Huda.