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Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2019


[plain]Welcome to the Humanity in Action International Conference (HIA) taking place from (October 13th-18th 2019) at South Padre Island Convention Centre, 45,000-square-foot (4,200 m2) facility located in downtown South Padre Island Texas, United State of America. while the second phase w ill begins from (21st-25th October 2019) at Lé Hotel Central, Lome Togo.

Our Aims and Objectives are as follows:
- Working Groups: Share Personal Experience w ith Project Implementation.
- What are Humanity in Action’s Expectations? .
- Provide helpline support to anyone who is worried about or potentially facing a sexual health crisis.
- To establish links of co-operation, peace and unity among the youth all over the countries.
- To carry activities on solving the problems raised in front of the Youth.
- To assist the systematization, proclamation and monitoring of the information.
- To promote the projects on the development of Youth initiatives etc.

The Interested Delegates of the forth-coming International Conference should send the follow ing details via email; ( for registration

1) Names exactly as in passport:
2) Passport Numbers:
3) Date of Birth:
4) Place of Birth:
5) Country of Residence:
6) Direct Contact Numbers tell/cell:
7) Profession/Sex:
8) Who invite you:

Awards and Gifts w ill be given to participants on merit.....You are hereby advised to equip your selves and exhibit your God given talents to the fullest. We welcome Delegates, Inter-Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, young or old to the forth-coming International Conference.

REGISTRATION OF PARTICIPANTS: A minimum of (1-3) or maximum of (4-6) persons are expected to participate together as a group or organization to represent their Country in the forth-coming events. None of them should be less than eighteen (18) years of age and delegates must participate in both Conferences, USA/ TOGO.

Note Very Important: It is not necessary that one must belongs to an organization to be eligible to attend this event, he or she can also participate as an individual or a group of 1-2 members if he or she are not capable to form a group to represent a Country. They should be in possession of their valid International Passports to enable them participate in this conference. You are hereby required to forward the names and passport numbers of your group members to us as soon as possible, as all participants visa assistance request w ill be forwarded to the US Department of States Immigration for visa Authorization which shall be sent to the consular section of the US. Embassy in your country of residence for the status of your visa processing.

PLEASE TAKE PROPER NOTE OF THIS POINT: - Participants are only responsible for their own hotel booking in Lome Togo through the recommended hotel in Togo for the second phase of this event. The organizing committee and the donor sponsoring committee of this event have mandated all participants to pay for their own hotel booking in order to prove to the US Department of State Visa Sector(UDSVS) that he/she w ill attend both events, and they do not have any intention to stay permanently in the United State after their participation in this forth-coming international conference, this is due to the past experiences in April 2009 international conference that was held here in United State, which lead to illegal immigrant to the United State of America. All registered participants are entitled to a round trip air ticket, meals and accommodation which w ill be provided during their participation in the U.S.A. only.

Due to time factors of the forth-coming international events, I request that you quickly send us the requested details ASAP to enable us create your registration file and proceed further w ith your visa processing.

Humanity team,
Secretariat Office.
South Padre Island Convention Centre
45,000-square-foot (4,200 m2) facility located in downtown
South Padre Island, Texas, United State of America