Iam already stolen.

I need help please am already stolen by someone who calls a refugee, a lawyer and standard chartered bank. He said that the late Bay Benson had deposited $5.3milion dollars that when she wrote to bank and the bank told her to get a foreign partner which she chose me to help her. I wrote to the bank

De Master Yoda

@Nakayima pauline. Welcome to AFI. It would be a good idea to report this to your local cybercrime unit, details are in the link below.

I am sorry to hear that you have lost money to these criminals. Please stop all contact with them as they will try to get more money from you and watch out for a "recovery scam " where they will offer to get your money back, but it will cost you more money and of course you will never receive any money back from them.

If you wish you can post copies of the scam emails (please take out any of your details) and we can check this out further for you. Thank you.