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FRAUD WARNING: IAN LAZAR. Former bankrupt. Was trading as Commercial Mortgage Trade. His address is now SILVERWATER PRISON, SYDNEY.

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and he came a little early this year.

The above "fraudster", Ian David Lazar, was arrested by detectives from the New South Wales Fraud & Cybercrime Squad and jailed on 30 October 2014.

The face is blurred as the photo is from the actual Police video of the arrest.

He was charged with obtaining financial advantage by deception, that is, allegedly cheating an 88 year old widower of the ownership of her home. The mortgage and title were fraudulently transferred from her name. In 2009 she was evicted and died, homeless, shortly after.

This, and several further charges, has kept the alleged shyster in gaol awaiting trial. Bail was refused due to the seriousness of the charges, his strong criminal ties, the unacceptable risk of failing to appear and to ensure the safety of witnesses who had been threatened.

Click on this link for the ABC story and the police arrest video:-

For the background of Mr Lazar watch the expose by Four Corners earlier this year - before the wheels fell off the wagon -

In an address to the Commonwealth of Australian Senate by Senator John Williams on 21 September 2011 warnings were given about this "fraudster". It has taken until now for charges to be laid.

Statutory Declarations and an Affidavit lodged in the Senate detail Ian Lazar as stealing a car, fraudulently charging $84,000.00 to a credit card that was not his and other instances of ripping off countless Australian investors.

This "crook" has "ripped off" many Australians stated Senator Williams. Many people have lost their homes and life savings in Lazar's schemes and others have been forced into bankruptcy because of trusting this fraudster.

Companies controlled by Lazar, either as a Director, CEO, or hiding behind front men so that they take the fall, have gone into Receivership and then Liquidation. With all the money gone and nothing left for investors or creditors.

His Companies have run unregistered managed investment schemes where investors have lost everything. Some of the Companies were finally shut down by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission but too late for investors. According to the Liquidators appointed to his failed Companies millions of dollars have gone missing. Millions! Gone! Vanished!

Mr Kevin Jacobsen, one of Australia's top theatrical producers and holder of the Order of Australia, told Lazar that he would like to sell his Lexus. Lazar said, 'Give it to me. I am a licensed dealer. I will get rid of it.' Kevin has not seen the car since or any money. Kevin said, 'It has just disappeared like flatulence in the wind.'

See Senator's speech in Hansard page 6679 or PDF page 71 for that day:-

Senator Williams has received threats from Cambridge Law (with offices in Sydney, Dubai, Damascus and Baghdad) who would be under instructions from Lazar. No one is safe.

Senator Williams in his address to the Senate -
"A couple of days ago I got an email from Cambridge Law about me making this speech in the parliament........That is from Raed Rahal, Cambridge Law, who have offices in Sydney, Dubai, Damascus and Baghdad. Mr Raed Rahal, my message to you is: I do not give a rodent's backside what you think and I will say what I want in this place when it comes to highlighting white collar crime and the destruction of people's lives.
I could go on with many of these things but I will say this: I look forward to talking to the Federal Police this afternoon to give them this file of documents."

I am attaching a copy of a letter from Senator John Williams addressed to Mr Lazar's law firm, Cambridge Law (with offices in Sydney, Dubai, Damascus and Baghdad). It was sent in response to their threats.
.................................................. .................................................. ........

Senator John Williams
The Nationals Senator for NSW
Nationals Whip in the Senate

19 September 2011

Cambridge Law
PO Box 3096
Centro Bankstown NSW 2200

Attention Raed Rahal

Dear Sir
I refer to your letter of 15 September 2011 (Ref: RR: 11/01317) in which you
threaten me with specified and unspecified complaints about, and inquiries
into, my conduct should I make reference to your client in Parliament.

Your action in threatening me may constitute a possible contempt of the
Senate which has been declared as follows:

A person shall not, by fraud, intimidation, force or threat of any kind, by
the offer or promise of any inducement or benefit of any kind, or by
other improper means, influence a senator in the senator's conduct as a
senator or induce a senator to be absent from the senate or a committee.

A person shall not inflict any punishment, penalty or injury upon, or deprive of
any benefit from, a senator on account of the senator's conduct as a senator.
(Senate Privilege Resolution 6(2) and (4), 25 February 1988)

As you appear to be unaware of the law of parliamentary privilege, I draw your
attention to the Parliamentary Privileges Act 1987 and, in particular, to
section 7 which sets out penalties for contempt.

Yours sincerely,
John Williams
Senator for NSW

.................................................. .................................................. .......

Merry Xmas Mr Lazar.


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FRAUD WARNING: IAN LAZAR. Former bankrupt.

FRAUD WARNING: IAN LAZAR. Former bankrupt. Was trading as Commercial Mortgage Trade. His address is now SILVERWATER PRISON, SYDNEY.

Mr Lazar was arrested on the Friday at his offices and packed off to Silverwater Prison for the weekend until the bail application could be heard at Central Criminal Court on the Monday. One of the pleadings for bail being that of his poor health.

I am guessing this would be the same health problems he submitted to the NSW District Court on 4 February 2014 in an attempt to yet again adjourn an action brought against him for $215,829.75.
Crepe Myrtle Pty Ltd (ACN 110 345 492) v Rural Security Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN 081 322 161) [2014] NSWDC 25
Despite his claims of ill health there was no evidence presented to this Court. His web postings with photos of a Christmas party he organized, “one of the biggest celebrations of the year”, plus publicity press releases of his latest deeds of derring-do around that time did not help the cause.

An email submitted to the Court on the day of the hearing describes his illnesses as follows:
Ian Lazar
6 "I have, over the past few months, have been suffering from a variety of illnesses that have seen me go into hospital repeatedly. These illnesses have had a major impact on my work and have resulted in me not being able to attend the office or attend to work that was required to be done. I have a variety of medical documentation to evidence my numerous illnesses.
My stays in hospital include, but are not limited to, Royal North Shore on four occasions, St Andrew [sic] as late as last week.

My illnesses, which relate to issues with my red blood cells, pneumothorax/consolidation, which is a precondition of adrenal cancer. I also suffer breathing issues which require me to have a major operation in two weeks' time with Dr Paul Gerarchi FRACS ENT and facial surgeon. I, due to my condition, was unable to give instructions to the previous law firm acting, Cambridge Law. They withdraw [sic] from acting because of this failure to provide them with instructions. Further, the staff member that was assisting me with this matter is no longer employed and we are having difficulty compiling the documents that she was working on.
Rural Security wish to prosecute this matter and require the hearing to be vacated in order to allow a sufficient time to instruct a new law firm.
Regards, Ian Lazar FGAA, DipDT, MAICD (Sydney) Director Structured Mortgage Securities."

Mr Lazar sent an employee, Mr Reynolds, to the Court to represent him.

Judge Gibson states:
8 “Mr Reynolds tells me, from the bar table, that he has never seen anyone as sick as Mr Lazar, and that his inability to carry out his daily activities is immediately apparent and a matter of concern to the shareholders. A picture has been painted of Mr Lazar as a man in the poorest of health, who was rushed to hospital as recently as last Wednesday, and who has been unable for this reason to give instructions in relation to the conduct of this litigation.”

Unfortunately for Mr Lazar his email outlining his illnesses, sent the night before to the Supreme Court (the wrong Court), was not backed up by any documents:

Judge Gibson:
45 “…...I would have expected to see documentation of a compelling nature from unimpeachable sources, such as a hospital or a medical practitioner, and also that I would have expected it to have been provided earlier than the morning of the hearing. It is a basic courtesy, not only to one's opponent, but to the Court for such matters to be notified in a proper way.”

By the way, Lazar lost the case. His defence was struck out and dismissed. Judgment was entered in favour of Crepe Myrtle Pty Ltd for $185,000.0 with interest of $30,829.75 also to be paid to them.

The Magistrate at Lazar’s bail application also considered his claimed illnesses - then dismissed them.

The day's outing over, Mr Lazar returned to Silverwater Prison.

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Lazar's case is due to be mentioned in court on 15 January 2015. His lawyers have stated that he will plead “Not guilty Your Honour!”

He has already submitted an appeal on his bail refusal due to health reasons. Not coping so well?

The odd thing is that the appeal has been postponed three times and all three by his legal team - which also has changed three times - so far..........

Looking at the history of this man on Google, perhaps they have difficulty in obtaining character references?


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The odd thing is that the appeal has been postponed three times and all three by his legal team - which also has changed three times - so far..........
On the three occasions set down for the appeal hearing Mr Lazar's barristers were served with a raft of new charges, which they needed to digest, thus the postponements.

I seem to recall an article on his latest team, Murphy's Lawyers. The colourful principal, Chris Murphy, has had some previous high profile clients including the 31 Bandido bikies following the Milperra massacre and terror suspect Bilal Khazal. The article mentioned Mr Murphy insists on cash upfront. Perhaps this was the problem with the washing machine churning of lawyers to date.


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Strange days indeed -- most peculiar, mama.

It was reported by the police that Mr Lazar was refused the first two law firms that he appointed to represent him. Refusal was on the grounds that they both were under criminal investigation.

When Lazar was hauled up from the holding cells below Central Criminal Court for the bail application the lawyer eventually allowed was a Mr Richard Mitry (whose licence to practice law was returned to him in 2009). Why Mr Mitry?

Step back in time to 2003. A loan of $202,739.73 by two investors via Lazar's Company Business Australia Capital Finance (BACF) was made to Mitry. BACF was investigated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) then went into liquidation with the Courts appointing Mr Andrew Wily. We will come back to our Mr Wily at a later date.

One of Lazar's failed ventures was the refinancing of the debt of the Republic of Nauru. Mitry introduced the Nauruan's to Lazar and Mitry was to receive 5.5% commission on the proposed loan of some $211,000,000.00. The zeros are correct. No typo. $211 Million. Only $3,250,000.00 was ever raised but no commission was paid by Lazar to Mitry.

Wily, as Liquidator of BACF, sued Mitry for the outstanding loan of $202,739.73. Mitry in turn then counter sued for his unpaid commission. There were claims, cross claims and appeals, blah, blah, blah. The claims, cross claims and appeals balanced out and Mitry was awarded costs. Was he ever paid?

And the two unfortunate investors who originally supplied the loan to Mitry through BACF? They received zilch, nil, nothing because Lazar never paid the commission he owed to Mitry.

The question is still - why would Mr Mitry accept Lazar as a client?

Mitry v Business Australia Capital Finance Pty Ltd (in liquidation) [2010] NSWCA 360
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The gold bar, the standover man and the lender of last resort -

I believe this has to be among the top stories of 2014. It is priceless. Well deserving of the Best Cartoon Walkley Award for Journalism.

The following article was written by the respected Investigate Journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald, Kate McClymont. Kate was at the Court proceedings on 12 December 2014 when Mr Lazar was to again apply for bail.

By quoting Kate this should allay the concerns of the conscientious Cambridge Law (with offices in Sydney, Dubai, Damascus and Baghdad) with those who would attempt to bring Lazar’s reputation into contempt.

"Controversial lender-of-last-resort Ian Lazar is set to spend Christmas behind bars after he was charged with conspiring with a well-known standover man to assault and intimidate a police officer.

The extraordinary allegations, which involve an array of colourful characters, gold bullion and the engagement of a standover man who duped his employers, have come to light during Mr Lazar's abandoned bail application at Sydney's Central Local Court on Friday.

Mr Lazar, 43, was recently arrested for allegedly defrauding an 88-year-old woman of her house. On Friday, he was charged with dealing with the proceeds of crime in relation to the woman's house. The mortgage broker was also hit with two charges relating to an attempt to nobble a police investigation.

The police fact sheet, which was presented to court, reads like a black comedy. It all started to go awry for Mr Lazar when the police pulled over a flashy black BMW heading down Trafalgar Street, Annandale, at 9 o'clock on a winter's night in 2012.

The driver was a suspected drug dealer who had links to outlaw bikie gangs. In the front seat was the wife of a prominent mobster and in the back was Arlo Selby.

Three months later Mr Selby was grilled at the Independent Commission Against Corruption about Moses Obeid's desperate attempt to organise finance for the Obeid family's corrupt coal deal.

But, on that night in August, it was gold rather than coal that caught the eye of police. Inside a black bag next to Mr Selby on the back seat of the BMW was a one kilo block of solid gold, valued at $49,000.

Mr Selby, a financier of dubious repute, claimed the gold bar belonged to Mr Lazar, and that he was entitled to 10 per cent of the proceeds once he had sold it for Mr Lazar.

Police seized the gold bar, and Detective Senior Constable Dave Roberts of Balmain police began to investigate.

What Detective Roberts did not know was that Mr Lazar was already the target of a fraud and cybercrime investigation known as Strike Force McMaster, said the police in their fact sheet.

The fraud squad, which was tapping Mr Lazar's phone, listened as his friend "Big Al" Constantinidis and Mr Lazar discussed the problem of the gold bar and Detective Roberts' investigation.

Mr Lazar and Mr Constantinidis, who had a bitter falling out with former prime minister Paul Keating over the pair's dealings in a piggery, are alleged in the fact sheet to have engaged the services of Helal Safi, a standover man of gargantuan size, to influence Detective Roberts to cease his investigation into the gold bar.

Mr Safi, who recently gave a statement to police, said that Mr Lazar wanted the detective to be pulled off the case or assaulted. Told it would cost $100,000, Mr Lazar gave Mr Safi a down-payment of $55,000.

Mr Safi took the money but, instead of completing the task, rang Mr Lazar pretending to be a corrupt police officer called Detective Sergeant Machiatto.

In this call, Mr Safi (pretending to be the fictitious Detective Machiatto) told Mr Lazar that Detective Roberts "had been ordered to back down".

In a bizarre coincidence, Detective Roberts did stop bugging Mr Lazar about the gold bar because of the request by the fraud squad to hang back until its investigation was completed.

Mr Lazar wrongly thought Mr Safi's standover techniques were responsible for Detective Roberts backing off.

According to the fact sheet, Mr Lazar was thrilled with the disappearance of Detective Roberts. He told Mr Safi, "They've even moved the guy from his position … between you and my father, we are untouchable."

Mr Safi told police he "went on with it like I knew what was going on and then said, 'Where is the rest of my money?'." Mr Lazar gave him another $49,000 in cash.

The new charges against Mr Lazar allege that between August 8, 2012, and September 30, 2012, he conspired with Mr Safi to assault and intimidate Detective Roberts.

He was also charged with conspiring with Mr Safi to try to influence a police officer in the exercise of his functions.

During the brief court hearing on Friday, police also indicated further charges may be laid against Mr Lazar when the matter returns to court on December 18.”

$200,000.00 has been offered for Lazar’s bail - only four gold bars.

We now know that further charges were indeed laid and now await the outcome of 15 January 2015.

Happy New Year Mr Lazar.


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"...between you and my father, we are untouchable."
What does Lazar mean by his "between you and my father, we are untouchable."?

Was this a simple mangling of the phrase 'between me you and the gate post' or was it something more deliberate and sinister?

Lazar had set up a Trust Company called RIDL based on family member's initials. His father Rabbi Rogut was a signatory to the Trust. The Liquidator, Mr Andrew Wily (I haven't forgotten. More on him later), suggested that the missing money from Lazar's Companies may have been funnelled through this Trust.

Wily mentioned at a meeting of the creditors that he should call Lazar's father, Rabbi Rogut, before the Court to question him about RIDL. It never happened and so questions remain unanswered.
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Lazar had set up a Trust Company called RIDL based on family member’s initials. His father Rabbi Rogut was a signatory to the Trust.
Just to be clear….. there is no implying that Rabbi Rogut is involved in the alleged fraudulent dealings of his son.

Rabbi Rogut (Order of Australia) is one of the three respected Judges (Dayan) in the Jewish religious court of Sydney (Beth Din) recognised as one of the pre-eminent rabbinic courts in the world that serves Jewish communities in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

It is a court for adjudicating disputes stemming from divorce, business and community issues and states that it conducts its affairs with confidentiality, competence, fairness, and integrity.

It is therefore paradoxical that his son should have conducted his life the way he has, be labelled an alleged “fraudster”, pleaded guilty to assault, in prison, bail refused, and awaiting trial.
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Business as usual - nearly.

At the bail hearing yesterday the video link from Long Bay Jail of Mr Lazar seated in his green prison garb was not that of a happy man.

At Long Bay there is a hospital which is a maximum security institution for medical and psychiatric cases to access and determine prisoner’s state of mind. This would account for his transfer from Silverwater Prison to Long Bay Jail. A psychiatrist's report on his mental health signed off the morning of the hearing would have no doubt helped in the Judge’s decision to release him on bail. There are many who would like a look at that report and his "issues".

Lazar’s legal team was in fine form with a Queen's Counsel, former Judge of the Supreme Court, acting for him. It was obvious to all that the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) and police were outgunned. The evidence that they did present, together with their barrister being briefed only hours before, was no match for the skill of Lazar’s barrister. It was like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

It was early into the hearing when everyone knew the end result. But at the Judge’s summation for one, brief, glorious, moment we thought that the good guys would stumble over the line. Even Lazar hung his head no doubt thinking all was lost. Alas, a fairy tale ending was not to be.

If there is to be a conviction of Lazar the prosecution needs to seriously get their act together. The case had been handed by the police to the DPP and three times they handed it back – not interested? They received it yet again for the last time only hours before the hearing and their barrister had to apologise for not being up to speed. Not good enough.

Bail of $200,000.00 CASH was posted by his father Rabbi Rogut.

So Lazar now gets to put his feet up in his apartment eating pizza until the trial and putting back on all the weight he lost while in the pokey.

Congratulations Mr Lazar - investors and creditors money that you have allegedly fraudulently obtained has been well spent.
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Where is the money?

Ian Lazar’s father, Rabbi David Rogut provided the $200,000.00 cash for bail. Why?

How is it that Lazar’s father needed to come up with the $200,000.00 for the bail?
  • According to Lazar’s Commercial Mortgage Trade Pty Ltd web sites, (all have now been taken down), Lazar was running a successful operation. In December 2013 he had the funds to hold a party that was “….one of the biggest celebrations of the year”.
  • In January 2014 his Company posted a series of press releases which stated:“Mr. Lazar has successfully litigated a series of complex civil disputes. He was involved in winding up the failed Gold Coast group City Pacific's then $800 million mortgage fund and was instrumental in a three year Federal and Supreme Court Action to successfully wind-up EquitiTrust Limited.” Crepe Myrtle Pty Ltd (ACN 110 345 492) v Rural Security Holdings Pty Ltd (ACN 081 322 161) [2014] NSWDC 25
  • Lazar has been charged with paying $104,000.00 cash to a Mr Safi to have a detective either removed from an investigation into Lazar's $49,000.00 gold bar, or assaulted. See Post 5.
  • Then there is this gold bar that has been claimed belonged to him worth $49,000.00.
Could not Lazar contribute to the kitty for his own bail?

Or would this disclose that he does have money stashed away and a trace reveal where?
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"He has already submitted an appeal on his bail refusal due to health reasons. Not coping so well?"

Mr James QC, Lazar’s legal defence at his recent bail hearing, said that Lazar had “mental health issues”. Surprise!!

Just what were those nasty bully boys doing to diddums in the prison yard at playtime that he took his bat and ball and went home?

Ken Gale

"He has already submitted an appeal on his bail refusal due to health reasons. Not coping so well?"

Mr James QC, Lazar’s legal defence at his recent bail hearing, said that Lazar had “mental health issues”. Surprise!!

Just what were those nasty bully boys doing to diddums in the prison yard at playtime that he took his bat and ball and went home?
We are only seeing a fraction of Mr Lazar's dubious activities, for he truly is an international operator . I personally have lost my $650,000 house in Thailand . Yes our Mr Lazar swept thru Thailand leaving a trail of lost property and business, and 5 yrs on, the hopelessly overburdened Thai Court system is still trying to work thru Lazar's web of deception.
I think a stay in a Thai Prison might help poor Mr Lazar sort out his current ' Health issues'
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Ken, thanks for your input. I am sorry for what happened. I and unfortunately too many others can relate to what you have experienced in losing your home through dealings with this man person.

I was not aware of Lazar’s Thai exploits. Miyuki is the helpful lady on staff running AFI and has already suggested that as Lazar has victims worldwide he should be moved to the global forum Name that Scammer.

I believe the majority of people flicking through this site have no idea of the alleged destruction to people’s lives that Mr Lazar has wrought. This all may be an interesting read and I hope it is, but the sad reality is that real people’s lives have been "ruined". Statutory Declarations to the Senate have described some of the “lives ruined”. I’ll refer to these later.

I don’t know how up to speed you are with Lazar's doings. One of the reasons why Lazar was initially refused bail was to ensure the safety of witnesses who claimed to have been threatened.

As an example, there was a meeting held at a Parramatta office one night last April 2014 with people who were victims of Lazar. The board room was packed - standing room only around the walls. When they arrived there were some shady characters hanging around outside in the rain taking photos of those arriving in their cars.

Pizzas, that had not been ordered, later arrived at the office. This was allegedly Lazar’s doing to show he knew about the meeting. Fortunately, there was a detective at this meeting and he was able to trace the number plate of one of the cars cruising up and down the street, and the thugs in it, to a security firm. The firm could see that their licence was in jeopardy and so they pointed the finger at who had hired them.

On one level it was all just pathetic. However, what was not amusing was that some of the women at the meeting were genuinely afraid. They had already been mugged - emotionally and financially. Lazar has been accused of associating with some serious criminals. The women were escorted to their cars.

Several nights later the remains of a ham pizza, in a dirty old Dominos cardboard box, was delivered by a man to the home of an elderly couple who had attended the meeting. They were in their seventies. They were not Jewish but their name sounded as if they were. The sender apparently thought they were so that’s what made this such a very funny act, wasn’t it.

It was believed by them to be a message to let them know that someone knew where they lived. In case you missed it – they were in their 70’s!

They were now bankrupt and living with friends and they have stated no one outside their circle knew where they lived. So how did this man turn up at their front door with the remains of a pizza, specifically for them, so recently after the events of a few nights before?

They were in litigation with Lazar at the time and had recently won a Supreme Court action against him. The police have laid charges against Lazar regarding other matters involving this couple. There was no evidence found that traced this particular incident back to Lazar.
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Lazar has been accused of associating with some serious criminals.

One of my teachers used to repeat the old adage - 'Show me your company and I will tell you who you are'.

Some company Mr Lazar kept!

Lazar had contracted Mr Helal Safi. Mr Safi is purportedly one of Sydney's most notorious standover men. Safi, in a statement to police, said that Lazar wanted a detective investigating him to be either pulled off the case or assaulted. See above Post 6’s “The gold bar, the standover man and the lender of last resort”.

Mr Helal Safi.jpg Mr Helal Safi Ian Lazar.jpg Mr Ian lazar

In 2001 Safi was charged over a gunfight which resulted in a shooting of a Mr Bayeth.

In 2006, Safi was arrested and charged with possession of a Glock pistol, ammunition, a Taser stun gun and steroids. He was also charged with fraud over the sale of a Porsche.

In 2010 the District Court heard Safi was recently stabbed 42 times.

Safi had also been charged over a number of matters including stalking with intent to cause fear/physical harm and kidnapping.

He and others had "invited" the manager of the Stripperama strip club to take a drive with them. The manager was left “traumatised by the experience”. Safi and his brother escaped jail sentences after pleading guilty to intimidation.

It was Safi and Lazar in the opening video of the Four Corners programme (at 20 - 35 seconds) where Lazar punches a neighbour who was pinned on the ground underneath Safi. You can see Lazar prancing around apparently looking for another cheap shot.

For the fortunate who are not familiar with Lazar, our hero is in the orange shirt in the CCTV video of the assault.

What has since been revealed is that the presiding Judge did not have access to this video even though it was in possession of the police and available to be tendered as evidence. No reason why given why it was not offered in evidence. Why wasn’t it shown to the Judge? Was a deal cut with the police prosecutor? Is there some legal issue allowing the showing of CCTV? Someone? Anyone?

The Judge could only rule on the evidence before him and I have been informed that the picture painted in Court was not what we see in the video. The Judge thought it was a dispute over a car space, which was not the case. Lazar pleaded guilty to the unprovoked assault but escaped without a criminal conviction based on his previous good character. I know! I know!

I was denied access to the Court records and again denied on appeal, therefore cannot supply further details of the trial or Lazar’s sordid actions.

This cowardly attack came back to bite him when he unsuccessfully originally applied for bail.
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How did Lazar operate?

On 3 December 2004 the Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) commenced investigations into Lazar and his companies.

On 18 May 2005 an Inspector from ASIC, in her report to the Supreme Court, recommended the winding up of Lazar’s companies and his “Schemes”. The Inspector stated:
  • “ (George) Markos (employed by Lazar to funnel investor’s funds via a Trust to Lazar) and Lazar may not have been honest with investors about their investments and as such cannot be trusted to deal appropriately with any investments or money due to be received from borrowers by any companies under their control.
  • ………….I am concerned that Lazar will not deal with those investors in a forthright manner and that the proposals he is making to them are not in their best interests.”
Lazar’s companies were placed in Receivership then Liquidation. Investors and creditors lost millions (See Post 1).

Business Acquisitions Australia Pty Limited (BAA, deregistered 13/05/2013) was a Lazar company registered five days before his Business Australia Capital Finance (BACF) and other Lazar companies were recommended shut down by the above ASIC Inspectors. In other words while ASIC was shutting down his unregistered, mismanaged companies and schemes, and finding that he “cannot be trusted to deal appropriately with any investments or money due to be received from borrowers by any companies under their (Lazar & Marko’s) control” - it was business as usual.

His formula was still the same. Lazar would place a Caveat on a borrower’s property/s as security for payment of his fees, interest payments, and repayment of the loan. His cut was the colossal brokerage and application fees, the major percentage of the interest fee and any crippling late penalty interest charged. The caveat effectively prevented the sale of the encumbered land until it was removed.

The Iaconis v Lazar [2007] NSWSC 1103 case was a typical example.

In the Iaconis case Lazar undertook to obtain a short term loan of $1,550,000 for the borrower, Iaconis. As with his previous practice, before ASIC’s interfering, Lazar induced the borrower to sign a document entitled Exclusive Mandate to Act. The borrower’s purpose of the loan was to pay out the original Lazar (BAA) loan and to provide working capital.

In short, it was a loan arranged by Lazar to pay out a previous loan arranged by Lazar. This should be called double jeopardy.

It was His Honour’s leaning and the appellant’s submission that caveats are temporary and supposed to remain on title for only a short term to secure property until the commencement, or hearing, of a court action. Lazar would place caveats on indefinitely.

The payment of the brokerage fee, application fee and disbursements were payable to Lazar on approval of the loan by the lender. This was regardless of whether the loan proceeded or not.

It is at this point we ask the boys and girls to hold onto their seats ‘cause we are going on Mr Toad’s Wild Ride into the stratosphere of Lazar’s interest rates.

Initially this loan of $1,550,000 was with an interest rate 60% per annum, a term of six months, brokerage of $60,000 (plus GST) and the application fee of a further $60,000 (plus GST).

It then became $1,550,000 inclusive of all fees and charges and the indicative interest rate was 5% per month (60% per year).

The amount fixed by many Australian States under the Moneylending legislation is a top rate of 48% per year or 4% per month.

Lazar could only come up with $400,000.

This $400,000 was lent at 10% per month or 120% per year, reducible to 4% per month or 48% per year if paid promptly and the term was three months not six months.

This was a normal transaction for Lazar.

So, where is the money? Show me the money!
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Well well well it appears that Ian Lazar has reinvented himself again his linkedin profile reports him as Director of Equity and co located in Sydney, Australia - ‎Acquisitions & Commercial Equity Funding - ‎Equity & Co.

His new website is www.equityand.co I wonder how long until this company is in liquidation?


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You cannot keep a good, alleged, “fraudster” down.

Did you read the Core Values of Equity & Co? “Pursuit of Excellence …Practice Honesty”. Gasp! What a hoot!

In an attempt to add respectability to the site there are a few old quotes from Michael Pascoe and a scattering of nine letter words like “eponymous”. I am sure Michael would be delighted to be associated with our little mate.

His office is a coffee shop in North Sydney with contact details being a mobile phone and a Post Office box. He first started business from the boot of a car so I suppose this is moving on up.


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So, where is the money? Show me the money! - Post 15
I'll tell you where the money is -

Have you seen the size of the rock on his latest finacee's/wife's finger?

"The sword of Damocles is hanging over his head, and I've got the feeling someone's gonna be cutting the thread!"

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Every time she looked at it would be a constant reminder from where the money came.

That’s got to be worth pawning and repaying investors.

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