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What type of person would work for Lazar?

While waiting for further news from the Court on the Preliminary Hearings I’ll mention one particular character that Lazar had working for him – one Mr George Markos.

George Markos acted as Trustee for Business Australia Capital Finance (BACF) - one of Lazar’s Companies that was wound up by Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and went into liquidation.

Markos was described as a "financial advisor" to the BA Group and “promoted” Lazar’s “Schemes”. Markos purported to hold a Australian Financial Services Licence. ASIC found he did not hold a Licence.

ASIC found Markos:

  • engaged in conduct which was misleading or deceptive, and made false and or misleading representations about the nature of the development and the security of the investment;
  • did not have a reasonable basis for the advice he gave investors;
  • failed to warn investors that the advice he was giving was based on incomplete or inaccurate information;
  • failed to provide investors with a statement of advice setting out such things as information about the basis on which he gave his advice and information about the remuneration or other benefits that he would receive; and
  • failed to warn the investors that his advice had been prepared without taking into account their financial situation or needs.
ASIC’s Deputy Executive Director of Enforcement, Mr Mark Steward said.
‘Financial advisers are required to ensure investors are adequately informed about potential investment decisions and, when they give specific advice, that advice must take into account the investor’s needs and circumstances. Investors should be protected from financial advisers who mislead or who fail to properly disclose all relevant information required to be given to investors’

ASIC banned Markos from providing financial services for a period of 18 months for engaging in false and misleading conduct relating to statements he made to investors.

Mr Markos had the right to lodge an application for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to review this decision. He didn’t. There is no defense for the indefensible.

Eighteen months? A Joke! Another of Lazar’s cronies who should be sharing his company.



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The witnesses have now completed their evidence. All went well.

Mr Safi is one of the witnesses for the Crown - see post 14. He has alleged that he was paid $104,000 cash from Lazar to have a detective pulled off the investigation of Lazar, or assaulted. One of the charges was that Lazar conspired with Mr Safi to assault and intimidate a Detective Roberts - see Post 6.

Both sides barristers are doing their summations today and hopefully we will have an answer this afternoon about whether Lazar is being committed to trial.


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Great news! The goodies had a win.

Lazar has been refused bail on the "pervert the course of Justice” charges - regarding the gold bars. He became quite animated upon hearing the Magistrates decision.

He has been committed to stand trial in 2017 with the date yet to be fixed.

On the matter of the couple that lost their 6,000 acre property, and Lazar’s involvement, the Magistrate will reach the rest of her findings on 17th or 23rd September.

The Fraud Squad has also served him with a further 17 charges which were not included in the hearing currently before the court.



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Such negativity in this thread!

What y’all have failed to acknowledge is that Mr Lazar was fair. Whether you were Australian, Lebanese, Israeli, Christian, Muslim, Jew, black, white, yellow, young or old, male or female, it appears he would take your money, regardless.

With him there was no racial, religious, colour, age, sex or handicap bias. He was an equal opportunity “fraudster”.

"The sword of Damocles is hanging over his head, and I've got the feeling someone's gonna be cutting the thread!"


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"From the penthouse to the shithouse, bro."

That was the welcoming mocking voice to Sydney's Silverwater detention centre that greeted Rodney Adler. This is the institution that Lazar is now being held and the same welcome can be said to him.

Lazar has been given a fresh issue of a razor, toothpaste, toothbrush and regulation prison clothing - green tracksuit “greens” and Dunlop Volleys. He is allowed to keep and wear his huge, gaudy, gold Rolex watch but that would be just plain stupid. Ms Aamariah and family can bring him new socks and underwear, unframed photos and approved magazines but these items cannot be given directly to him.

As he is on remand he is permitted two visits per week and once sentenced one visit per week.

His adult visitors have to submit to an identification system used to photograph their face, scan their irises and capture their fingerprints. These details and ID are stored on the Corrective Services NSW electronic data base. You understand the why, nevertheless, it is demeaning and leaves you feeling robbed of your anonymity – as much as there is left. Your face, fingerprints and eyes are now in a government data bank. Big Brother may have all your other personal details but now there is nothing left. You haven’t done anything but you are on the same list as the criminals in prison.

Everything has to be left in a locker in the waiting room at the entrance. You can keep $2.00 to open the locker. There is then a metal scan, a physical check, an escort by a guard across a stone walled, razor wired, courtyard to another gate which is opened from the inside by another guard, another facial/iris scan, another escort to the meeting room where you are checked again at a central desk that has an unrestricted view of the visitor’s area. CCTV cameras are around the room. The person you are visiting is then brought in dressed in a jumpsuit with no pockets that is zipped and secured at the back to prevent passing of anything. You notice the Dunlop Volleys with Velcro straps, not laces. There are a number of other prisoners with visitors sitting around at stainless tables and chairs bolted to the floor. You try not to stare but cannot help notice that there is something mentally not ok with one of the inmates and wonder why he is here. Time is up. A guard escorts the person you are visiting through a door and back to the cells. You go through the reverse of the way in, with the same security checks, and again a guard with you all the way. You get to go home. The traffic is heavy and Parramatta Road is a car park but you don’t care. After where you have been this is now not a problem. You appreciate very much, for awhile, what Freedom is.

Around one in every five prisoners in Australia suffer from serious mental illness. People with intellectual disabilities (IQ score of under 70) represent about 12-13% of the NSW prison population. This label also takes into account deficits in personal skills, such as independent living, communication and social skills.

In Australia, unlike some States in the USA, the nurse can give Lazar methadone to help him come down from opiate addiction but it is not good for teeth as it dries the mouth thereby increasing plaque, dental bacteria and tooth decay.

Lazar has shafted so many people. Some have been to prison and have the contacts. If he fears for his own safety he can be put in protective custody which separates him from the general population. The decision to put the hand up for protection is not to be decided lightly. The stigma is lifelong and sticks with you in prison and out.

Other prisoners are very suspicious of protection inmates. Protection is associated with pedophiles, child killers and informants (dogs). There is absolutely no contact between the protective wing and any other prisoner.

The best way to survive is to know how to stand up for yourself. Those who can’t will have a hard time. From personal observation Lazar is a coward. He will need to find an organized group to latch onto.

The ‘heavies” in the system use to be the best fighters. Now it is the gangs – motorcycle gangs, the ethnic groups like the Lebanese and islanders and the Asians who stick together.

Lazar doesn’t drink but the new laws banning smoking in prisons will be a bummer.

For most, the hardest part about prison is boredom. With Lazar’s Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) his stay will be doubly hard for him.

The consensus among prisoners is not to act like a dickhead and to keep your head down. It will be Lazar’s inability to do this that will get him bashed.


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What’s going on in our little mate’s life?

A search today revealed that at this moment he has ten actions against him in all the tiers of the general court system in the State of New South Wales - Local, District and Supreme Court. And in the jurisdictions of both Criminal and Civil. He has been a busy bee.

NSW court lists
Displaying 1 - 10 of 10 results (last refreshed at 4:27pm 14 Sep 2016)

Date.......... Case no.............. Case name........ Jurisdiction..... Court..... Location
13 Sep - 2014/00320266 - R v IAN DAVID LAZAR - Criminal - Local Court - Central

13 Sep - 2016/00195437 - R v IAN DAVID LAZAR - Criminal - Local Court - Central

14 Sep - 2014/00320266 - R v IAN DAVID LAZAR - Criminal - Local Court - Central

14 Sep - 2016/00195437 - R v IAN DAVID LAZAR - Criminal - Local Court - Central

16 Sep - 2015/00089219 - Michael Horst Schuster v Goorigubba Pty Ltd - Civil - Supreme Court - Supreme Court Sydney

16 Sep - 2016/00195437 - R v IAN DAVID LAZAR - Criminal - Local Court - Central

16 Sep - 2014/00320266 - R v IAN DAVID LAZAR - Criminal - Local Court - Central

23 Sep - 2015/00089219 - Michael Horst Schuster v Goorigubba Pty Ltd - Civil - Supreme Court - Supreme Court Sydney

04 Oct - 2016/00201800 - R v Ian Lazar - Criminal - Supreme Court - Supreme Court Sydney

04 Oct - 2015/00300702 - Robert Kaufmann trading as Robert Kaufman Lawyers and RK Lawyers v Ian David Lazar (formerly known as Ian David Ragout) - Civil - District Court Sydney

I don't know what the action Michael Horst Schuster v Gooribubba Pty Ltd is about but the civil jurisdiction of the District Court is limited to amounts that do not exceed $750,000 and this case is in the Supreme Court.

As to Robert Kaufmann Lawyers going after Lazar this is a case of Lazar failing to honor his debts. The law firm sold a debt to Lazar. He never paid them.

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Time this site updated the derring do of Lazar, Selvy and Constantinidis - all have been before the Courts since the last post. Lazar is back inside, Selvy possibly headed to gaol, Constantinidis will only escape a custodial sentence if they can't find a cell big enough. The NSW Fraud squad has an active interest but scant resources - some sinew in the Police Service executive echelon and a more committed (no pun intended) effort by the DPP would assist the removal of Lazar and Constantinidis for a long time - & well away from the public they have preyed upon for so long. Socrates ('Scott') Kitas can expect to join them also.
The Hong Kong connection may well turn up some liquid assets....however the lawyers, accountants, valuers and directors involved in their myriad scams can expect some close attention very soon.


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Some people are never satisfied. Our little mate has free board and lodging, gets to meet and spend time with new friends, and is still not happy. He has again applied for bail. The application is listed tomorrow, 10th September, at 10.00am, Supreme Court, 11A Queens Square, Sydney. Justice Harrison will be hearing the tale of woe and sorrow.

We will no doubt get to hear about the stitch-up by the Fraud Squad to an innocent citizen. Bring your tissues.


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Justice Harrison heard the argument from Lazar’s defence as to why he should be released on bail. The DDP objected and the Judge will hand down his decision on bail later this week.

There is concern with Justice Harrison and his previous decisions that he is soft on crims. He has been quoted as saying that due to sentences that were too long, criminals were being “punished and suffer more than they should”, and the community was gaining nothing from having them behind bars. Because of sentencings fueled by a “fear of criticism” the reality was longer jail terms.

“The end result, in my opinion, is that the sentences we are bound to impose, with some notable but rare exceptions, are unreasonable and excessive.”

As expected, Lazar’s defence put forward the claim that Lazar has been “perused relentlessly by a police officer”. This was meant as a negative but instead is a complement to the boys and girls in blue for their dogged pursuit of this “fraudster”.

As a reason for Lazar’s release Greg James QC brought up the ill health of IVF baby Lazar, Aryeh. Due to the poor tykes gene pool it is small wonder that, sadly, his health is not good.

All cannot be disclosed at this time but believe me when I say that Lazar is not a happy little Vegemite. He is not coping and Mr James produced reports from doctors seeking “full time institutional care” for him in a private psychiatric hospital in Mosman. This hospital has a special Mood and Anxiety Disorders Unit for people experiencing anxiety disorders, depression, substance related disorders, and other general psychiatric disorders. Who would have guessed? His defence claims he needs to be fit enough for the witness box and to be able to defend the charges.

There is a $5 million maximum security institution for medical and psychiatric cases at the hospital at Long Bay Jail. It includes a 40 bed Mental Health Unit that can cater for his special needs so this report he commissioned is a load of bunkum. He already has” full time institutional care” where he is at Silverwater.

Lazar was on video link. He was subdued, unlike last time when he was in the Court with the joking and fooling around with his legal team. This time he was busy writing notes - to himself - there was no one to pass them to.

I have been asked by several concerned people what our little mate looked like the other day. Periorbital hyperpigmentation is the official name for when there is more melanin produced around the eyes than is usual, giving them a darker colour - like a raccoon. Lazar seems to be suffering from this condition. Either this, or Rocky has been partying hard with the boys and is missing his sleep.

Lazar’s hair was slick back. This brought to mind the story told by Rodney Adler of his time in prison. Rodney lived in fear as fellow inmates frequently took condoms from vending machines.
"I kept seeing these big, burly men going to the condom machine and taking one or two every day," he said. "I lived in fear that their use would involve me."
"One day I worked up the courage to ask a big Tongan man who I had become moderately friendly with and said timidly, 'Excuse me, bro,' because everyone is bro in jail. 'I see you're taking a condom every day, and I cannot believe that you would be using it as is the intention - you don't seem that sort of guy and I am confused.' "
Adler was told the inmates were discarding the condom and using the lubricant as hair gel. "The jail population is quite poor and they would prefer not to spend their limited money on hair gel when it can be retrieved from the condom packet - thank goodness."

Lazar knew he wouldn’t survive in the general population so he has voluntarily entered the protection unit and now resides in the “Boneyard”. Called this because this is where the “Dogs" live. His buddies are now child molesters, child killers, pedophiles and informants. He will not only wear this “dog” tag while in prison but also for life.

Convicted bank robber John Killick, spent much of his adult life in maximum security prisons – over 50 years behind bars. In an interview in February this year he stated:

“….. the worst thing you can be known as in prison is a dog. I know drug addicts who have gone into protection because they can’t repay a drug debt,” he said. “(A former prisoner) could be walking around the general community outside prison and if they come across someone who was known to be a protection prisoner, they might just assume protection meant they were a child sex offender and they might get beaten up”.

Lazar has four guards with him whenever he moves around. He has already been bashed and threatened with a knife.

We await the Judge’s decision.
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Lazar applied for Bail on Monday citing an array of medical conditions, (wouldn't have anything to do with the Long term effects of Crystal Methamphetamine would it Lazar?) Justice Harrison handed down his decision this afternoon, amazingly Lazar got bail, his conditions are that he be committed to psychiatric hospital and has no access to a mobile phone. Hopefully Lazar receives the care he needs for his hallucinations, anxiety and paranoia that he complains of, I wonder how he will he deal with the withdrawal effects of the boneyard gloryhole?

Owen Salmon seems to be making progress in the Supreme court this week with his lawyers seeking the reinstatement of Terra Cresta Business Solutions (TCBS), oh that will open up a can of worms for BACF now that Andrew Wily is not on the payroll?


Public Record - Copy of Harrison J Bail Hearing Judgment:


Supreme Court
New South Wales
Medium Neutral Citation:
R v Lazar [2016] NSWSC 1462
Hearing dates:
10 October 2016
Date of orders:
14 October 2016
Decision date:
14 October 2016
Common Law
Harrison J
Grant bail to the applicant subject to the following conditions:
(1) He is to be of good behaviour.
(2) He is, upon release on bail, to reside and remain at Mosman Private Hospital Mood Disorders Unit at 11 Ellamatta Avenue, Mosman, undergo a comprehensive psychiatric assessment and accept all treatment recommendations made by his treating team.
(3) He is not to leave the hospital otherwise than with the express permission on each occasion of Dr Henderson and only for such purpose as Dr Henderson approves for medical or other urgent needs.
(4) He is to obey all reasonable directions given to him by Professor Woods and Dr Henderson and the reasonable directions of the staff of the hospital and accept all treatment.
(5) He is to report by phone to the North Sydney Police Station daily and his presence is to be confirmed by a staff member of the hospital. He authorises Professor Woods, Dr Henderson and the staff of the hospital to notify the police of any breach or reasonable apprehension of the breach of these conditions, in which case, he may be arrested forthwith.
(6) He is to appear at Central Local Court on 2 November 2016 by his legal representative and thereafter as required.
(7) He should remain an in-patient of Mosman Private Hospital until his treating team consider he is appropriate for discharge into the community.
(8) Prior to release from hospital he must apply to the Supreme Court for variation of bail conditions relating to his place of residence and reporting and is not to be released from the hospital until a new residential address is approved.
(9) Following discharge, he must accept all recommended community follow-up arrangements made by his treating team.
(10) He is not to associate or communicate or attempt to communicate by any means (except through his lawyer) with any Crown witnesses.
(11) He is not to contact, approach, harass or intimidate in any way (including via third parties) any victims of any of his alleged offences.
(12) He is to surrender his passport and not to apply for any new passport or travel document.
(13) He is not to possess or operate a mobile telephone.
(14) One (or more) acceptable person(s) is to deposit $10,000 and agree to forfeit that sum if the applicant fails to appear before court in accordance with the bail acknowledgment.

Refer Link above for more information, 1000 Character Limit



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An Australian company needs a director and another (secretary) to be able to be registered.

Basically these persons should be of good character,so it is possible that two others apart from Lazar could be involved in setting up a company.

A PTY LTD company means the liability of that company is limited to the value of the shares, so if it is a $2 company that is all that can be recovered from it if it is ever in arrears.

Angeline Aamariah
ARL Property Group

Sydney, Australia
Commercial Real Estate
  1. ARL Property Group
was incorporated on 26/05/2015. This company is now Registered, their business is recorded as Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares. As so far this company has running for 1 year(s) 147 days.

Australia Company Search
  • Registration Information
  • ACN(Company Number):
  • Company Name:
  • ABN(Business Number):
  • Business Type:
    Australian Proprietary Company, Limited By Shares
  • Active Status:

  • Incorporation Date:
  • Next Review Date:
  • Previous Names:
  • Locality of registered office:
  • Regulator:
    Australian Securities & Investments Commission


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To say there was disappointment at the Judge’s decision is an understatement. From the emails I have received it was also very frustrating for all whose lives this alleged shonkster has impacted upon.

Given the previous track record of the Judge his decision was not totally unexpected. His light sentencing of Neville Wran’s daughter, after considering her involvement in murder and drugs, was an example.

If you were to read the 36 points in Judge Harrison’s Judgement and had not seen Point 17 and the Decision at the beginning you could believe that bail would be denied. Then in the very last sentence of the Judge’s 2,320 words the following concluding 71 words:
“Notwithstanding this, in this case, it seems to me that the applicant is suffering a debilitating mental illness that has not improved in gaol and that could be resolved with the treatment options and oversight outside the custodial setting. It would appear from the facts before me that Mr Lazar’s alleged criminal conduct may at least partially be attributed to his illness, and he should have the opportunity to address it.”

The Judge gave a break to a criminal who didn’t deserve a break. Lazar will not change. He has been a crim for over half his life. I have been told that XXXX Admin edit, this cannot be proven so I have removed it. I think that it could backfire on everyone. Please bear this in mind. Thank you. DMY.

One classmate at high school remembers him as a “little shit” - an indication of things to come.

It is now on public record that Lazar suffers from a mental illness called Bipolar II Disorder-hypomanic phase. In layman terms for him it is called ‘ripping people off and using a mental health label as an excuse.’

In the report that diagnosed Lazar as having Bipolar II Disorder, Dr Anderson stated that:
“Mr Lazar presented in a highly agitated, distractible and mood elevated state, expressing a number of grandiose ideas relating to his legal knowledge and photographic memory. He struggled to complete sentences and his account of his offending was largely incoherent. He reported feeling “up and down” and “irritable” and also reported experiencing fast thoughts and poor concentration.”

So what? This is not a result of jail time. This is Lazar’s abnormal self and there is no difference from his symptoms at the time of the examinations if compared to when he was not locked up.

This report is all text book stuff, copied and pasted from the recognised Bible of defining mental health issues which is the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association, Edition 5. Lazar also probably ticked a few boxes such as “do you bite your fingernails” and “when did you start to wet your bed” etc. He would have babbled on as he abnormally does, have a “Doctor” and “Associate Professor” sign off the reports and bingo he gets out of jail free and also receives a reduction of $190,000.00 from the previous bond. How long were the interviews – 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 60 minutes? These guys were hired guns employed to get Lazar out of jail.

As Dr Anderson states in his Current Abridged Curriculum Vitae:
I am currently employed as a Visiting Medical Officer for Justice Health & Forensic Mental Health Network at the Silverwater Metropolitan Reception and Remand Centre...
I regularly provide psychiatric reports to the Local, District and Supreme Courts and specialise in the diversion of legal clients with mental illnesses and conditions from the criminal justice system into psychiatric treatment.”

Dr Anderson is a psychiatrist. He treats patients with drugs that change brain chemistry. He did two reports on Lazar on 29/09/2016 and 4/10/2016 – 14 days apart. This doctor apparently had not met Lazar until then. How could he assess the changes in Lazar s brain in 14 days and compare it to his behaviour outside jail? Some drugs take weeks to have even a noticeable effect. His comment after 14 days was Lazar “appeared to be unresponsive”. So what? Procedure then is to try other mood stabilising antipsychotic drugs such as Aripiprazole, Olanzapine, and Risperidone to see if they work. And so on…..

Lazar was placed on the mood stabiliser Seroquel 100mg a day. This is Quetiapine Fumarate, the same drug Quetiapine which is what he was on prior to his arrest. The recommended adult dose of this drug for Bipolar with mania starts at 100mg on day one. It is increased to the recommended dose of 400mg to 800mg a day! If depressive episodes are associated with Bipolar the recommended daily dose is 300mg a day! Lazar was on 100mg a day!! Why? Why was he on either only 1/4 of the daily dose or 1/3 of the daily dose. And why didn’t the DPP have their own doctor’s report on Lazar that could question Lazar’s apparent manufactured medical report?

There is a limit of 10,000 characters per post therefore this is continued in the next post ..............


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Continued from the previous post ……..

Associate Professor Stephen Woods is a psychologist. He treats behaviour but, unlike Dr Anderson, not with drugs. It can take years to change behaviour and this can only happen if the client wants to change. How can changes in Lazar’s personality be observed from the first report on 16/01/2015 (the day before release after 108 days in jail) and the second report on 29/8/2016 which was 62 days after his return to jail? Mr Woods next report on 04/10/2016 indicated Lazar’s condition had deteriorated. This was the same psychologist whose report helped get Lazar released on bail on medical grounds because of “mental health issues” in January 2015. Good job Mr Woods.

The Judge was aware of this rort of the system and yet he allowed this abuse.
“ 36. It is tempting to see mental health treatment as the answer to all types of offending and some bail concerns. This is not without some basis ..... On the other hand, where an offender has demonstrated a repeated inclination towards criminal offending, even in the face of strict bail conditions imposed on him or her by the courts, the level of comfort that might be afforded to the courts by the prospect of medical intervention is diminished.”

Can’t you hear Lazar’s legal team saying ‘Bail hearing coming up so let’s get that medical stitched up’. There is insanity here and it is not just Lazar.

Does the good Dr Henderson and Associate Professor Woods have a financial interest in the health care unit in Mosman where they recommended Lazar be confined to for an indefinite time? The rate for one of the 18 private rooms in the special hospital ward is $1,180.00 a day, plus doctor’s fees, plus medication.

“22. (Lazar) experienced 10kg of weight loss since custody”. The obese picture of Lazar at his arrest with his shirt buttons at bursting point comes to mind. He lost that weight when first locked up and judging by the video from the hearing last week had put it back on again. So, 10kg is a good start, and certainly not to be used as painting a picture of him wasting away, as was implied.

As I read the Judgement one of the considerations (35) why bail was granted again was because at the time of these latest horrific death threats he had (voluntarily) been off his medication at the time. This was an excuse?

Lazar has “denied using illicit drugs prior to his arrest”. All of you out there that have had any questions about his drug taking can now rest easy in the knowledge that he doesn’t take drugs. He said so. Shame on you for thinking otherwise. Latesha, where is that facial shot of Lazar you showed me with smoke rising from a crack pipe he is holding? Will you please post it here?

I don’t care whether Lazar ever resolves his so called mental health issues. The only fair consideration Rocky deserves is the degree of consideration he has shown to his victims. As for this rehabilitation hospital at Mosman – is it two weeks of basket weaving therapy and presto all’s better now and he’s free?

“38 (13). He is not to possess or operate a mobile telephone.” And phone calls made from a computer?

“37. Mr Lazar’s alleged criminal conduct may at least partially be attributed to his illness.” What a crock. Bipolar does not make you a criminal. It does not make you rip people off, steal and swindle. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners estimates that 1% of our population is affected by this disorder. There are supposedly 5 million people in the USA diagnosed with this condition. Did they choose to lie, cheat and defraud others? They are not in jail.

The Black Dog Institute states that Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) may be the most effective treatment in a small number of people for whom medications are not effective.
“Electroconvulsive therapy is often a very effective treatment for bipolar depression because quite a few people don’t respond well to medications. It’s simple, safe and often profoundly beneficial.”
Lazar hooked up to one of the towers on the main power grid. I would pay to pull that switch.

All who know Lazar know that he is who he is. Medication may simply balance his moods. No amount of therapy will change him as to change he will need to want to change. Can you see this narcissist wanting to change? You may blame it on his parents, childhood, drugs, whatever, but the bottom line is who he is who he is through choice. He made the decisions. It was wrong that the Judge released him back into the community. What he deserves is to be locked up and the key thrown away.

There is one consolation in that he knows the hell that he just came from and in the months ahead he can reflect that it will be that hell he will be returning to. And next time it will be for years - without the holiday breaks. And in with the big boys – convicted criminals and not alleged criminals.

Count down the days, Rocky.

De Master Yoda

@guest Jo harry and guests Please do not just post copies of quotes, we already have the original on display.

If you wish to post a quote along with meaningful comments this is fine but it only wastes bandwidth and our time if people only posts quotes. Thank you.


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Lazar is now tucked up in bed with clean white sheets, soft pillows, a nurse to tuck him in and all the legal drugs he can ingest, inject, inhale and insert.

According to the bail conditions, his legal representative is to appear at Central Local Court on 2 November 2016. I think by then that he will have had a miraculous recovery and will be Ok for discharge. Any bets on a date?

"The sword of Damocles is hanging over his head, and I've got the feeling someone's gonna be cutting the thread!"