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One trial ends another begins but where is Waldo? Anyone seen Lazar? He is gone! He was due in Court yesterday, 28 January 2020, re his plea of mentally fit to stand trial for the second trial that the Crown has charged him with – the stolen Lexus car.

Everyone was left waiting and tapping their fingers in Court. Not even his legal team had been advised of why the no show.

He is AWOL (absent without leave) and so, yet again, has breached his bail conditions.

King John
Put up a notice,

If found please return to Long Bay Prison.

Apologies to A. A. Milne


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We seek him here, we seek him there, Those Policeman seek him everywhere. Is he in heaven? - Is he in hell? That damned, elusive Pimpernel.

Emergency Services and Police have called off the search for Ian Lazar. He was found dead…..

Sorry, typo. He was found in bed in a private Mental Health Hospital where he has admitted himself for 21 days.

He is not at his old digs at the Mosman Hilton, otherwise known as the Mosman Private Hospital Mood Disorders Unit. Mosman has closed down. This was where he last stayed in October 2016 when not coping with Silverwater Remand Center. He was in the “Boneyard” at Silverwater, called this because this is where the “Dogs" live. His buddies were child molesters, child killers, pedophiles and informants. He paid a psychiatrist and a psychologist to write a report that he wasn't coping among his mates. They were picking on the fresh meat.

Twenty one days - that’s all the time it will take, with copious quantities of legal drugs, to make him better? At Mosman in 2016 it cost $1,180.00 a day, plus doctor’s fees, plus medication. The hospital should be warned that he hates parting with his or other people’s money and so they should demand payment up front.

If I find out where he is holed up I will post the address so you can send flowers.

Constantinidis and Lazar need to be both present in the Court for sentencing which will be after Lazar’s stint at his latest holiday resort.


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Rocky Racoon has set up den in the new Northern Beaches Hospital at Frenchs Forest. The private health care admissions have a 20-bed ward. It is the same private operators that ran the Mosman Private Hospital that now run Northern Beaches. A new hospital, but old friends.

The maximum stay is three weeks and that is how long he has booked himself in.

He is pampering himself before sentencing and being locked-up in one of NSW’s prisons.

Their web site advise patients -
“The wards are fresh, new and comfortable. The majority of our rooms are single (non-shared) and appointed with a private en suite. Located on the upper levels of the Hospital, every window offers sweeping views of the Northern Beaches district.

The ward facilities include:
....coffee machines
....an outside sitting area
....large flat screen televisions
....a group therapy room
....a private dining area
....a laundry room

Some of the leisure activities they have available that you can picture him enjoying are
"art therapy, relaxation training, exercise/yoga/Pilates classes….."

And, very important -

"We welcome visiting loved-ones and friends."


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Till death us do part.

There was a story doing the rounds that Lazar was married during his stay in Israel after he bolted there after his bankruptcy in the late1990’s. Not substantiated.

The first confirmed Bride of Frankenstein was Viktorija, a Russian woman who had overstayed her visa on a visit to Australia. When she left, Immigration stamped her passport not to attempt to return for at least two years.

She latched onto Lazar. He spent a small fortune…tens of thousands of investor’s money flying first class backwards and forwards from London to arrange entry for her back to Australia. He eventually was able to get her here and was married in a civil ceremony. The ink was hardly dry on the marriage papers and residency when she dumped him. Someone who screwed him, and not in the nice way.

Bride number two was a Thai woman who lived in Sydney. Lazar had dealings in Thailand and was there in 2011 when his business manager visited him. We do know what that “business” was. Ken Gale tells his story in Post 12:
I personally have lost my $650,000 house in Thailand . Yes our Mr Lazar swept thru Thailand leaving a trail of lost property and business, and 5 yrs on, the hopelessly overburdened Thai Court system is still trying to work thru Lazar's web of deception”.

Ken’s connection with Thailand was mentioned in Point 107 in the recent trial.
Judge Triall:
“107 Eddison Diez was the account manager for Ian Lazar. He worked for Lazar from 2009 – 2013. He went to Thailand in January 2011 and visited Lazar….had connections with a person called Ken Gale…”

Lazar was cuckold. His Thai wife fell pregnant to another guy and she went back to Thailand to have an abortion. She told Lazar she was visiting family.
Judge Triall:
“196 At 10:17 am, the accused speak to each other again. Constantinidis is quite upset and says, “ Ah, your wife’s overseas, just, you know, went there to have an abortion for a baby that's not yours; … ” Lazar says, “it's all the truth…”

Bride number three is Angeline Aamariah with whom he has had an IVF baby. He is sterile and firing blanks? Someone else’s test tube swimmers?

Angelina was the one wearing Elizabeth Taylor’s Diamond on her finger and swanning in and out of Court until she realised it was not a good look when so many people had been ripped off and were probably wondering if it was really their diamond on her finger. She turned up for the earlier Hearings in his numerous court cases but has not been seen for a while.

There could be a bride number four. Perhaps waiting for him in the Boneyard where, deprived of female company for many years to come, he can explore his sexuality.


Dear Ian Lazar, I finally found you and want you to remember that you stole EVERYTHING from me! YOU rode into my life early in the year of 2007, riding on your beautiful white stallion, with your slick words flowing from your mouth and made me feel you appeared to be an angel sent from Heaven above.
I would be very interested to discuss with you further.


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A notorious, violent, underworld figure, who turned Crown Witness and was to give evidence against Lazar in an upcoming trial, has been found dead.

Helal Safi, 45, was found dead at an apartment in Sydney on Saturday morning 2 January 2021. Safi worked as a standover man and drug dealer. He was known as a 'major player' who associated with bikies and criminals and was feared across Sydney's underworld.

A neighbour heard shouting for help around 4am from an apartment on Stapleton Street, Pendle Hill Sydney. When paramedics arrived, they found the 200kg Safi unconscious. He couldn't be revived and a crime scene was established by police. Officers seized several items including drug paraphernalia.

Safi’s illustrious history was covered in Post 14. The former Kings Cross bikie once survived being stabbed 42 times while in jail in 2010, which saw him end up in a coma for five months. Police said the only reason Safi survived was due to his size, otherwise he would have died.

In 2014 Safi conned Lazar out of $104,000 cash by pretending that he was a corrupt police officer that had had a detective removed from investigating how Lazar had come by a one kilo block of solid gold, valued at $49,000, found in the back seat of a BMW. See Post 6.

Safi was the principal witness ‘B’ in the subsequent trial of Lazar in which Lazar was found guilty of perverting the course of justice – even though in the witness box Safi was high on drugs and fell asleep. See Post 100 for the trial.

Detective Senior Constable David Roberts was the other main witness in the trial. Detective Roberts died weeks before the verdict so the two star witnesses are no longer alive. What bearing will this have if Lazar appeals the guilty verdict and is granted a retrial? Not good, I recon.

So, the obvious question – had Safi been given a HOT SHOT?

Lazar's guilty verdict was made by Judge Traill on 24 January 2020. It has now been 14 months and Lazar is still on bail and still awaiting sentencing. Why?

Another unfortunate, that was to be a witness in another of Lazar’s upcoming trials, is Pasquale Barbaro. In November 2016 he was shot several times as he left the home of a friend. An Audi car, similar to that seen speeding away, was later found burnt out in a nearby suburb. Earlier, Lazar had conned Pasquale’s wife to part with $35,000 as ‘protection’ for her husband who was in jail at the time. Lazar has been charged with fraud. See Post 66.

Back to Safi. In October last year, Safi was arrested at a South Wentworthville street address, following a Firearm Prohibition Orders bust.

Officers seized weapons, bikie paraphernalia, prohibited drugs and cash at the home and arrested a total of eight people.

Safi was charged with eight firearm offences including possessing or using a prohibited weapon without a permit.

Lawyer Elias Tabchouri told Magistrate Bree Chisholm that Safi was suffering severe medical problems after the stabbing a decade ago. He explained that Safi suffered an enlarged heart, low kidney function and swollen legs and had to take seven different types of medication each day to manage the pain.

Safi was released from prison just a few weeks ago.

Helal Safi.jpg

Sponge Bob


Controversial lender lands horse stud owner in financial trouble​

Controversial lender lands horse stud owner in financial trouble

Yes Lazar is back again conducting business whilst on bail! Lets hope the NSW Detectives pay him a visit!

Controversial lender lands horse stud owner in financial trouble​

By Steve Marshall

Notorious lender of last resort Ian Lazar might have received bail in 2016 on mental health grounds but that hasn't stopped him operating in the unregulated private lending industry that could cost one customer their entire farm.

On a lush property in Seymour in Victoria, Greg Willis walks the paddocks of the Chatswood Horse Stud.

The stud has been in the Willis family for over 50 years but now Mr Willis faces a fight to stop it from being sold from under him after taking out a short term, high interest loan with a private lender.


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‘Too mad for trial but fit for business’*

Lazar is at it again. Despite one of Rocky Racoon’s bail conditions, being that his business dealings are vetted by the Police, and despite his mental health issues preventing his sentencing and keeping him on bail, it appears he has managed to package together a multi-million deal that may cost another victim his horse farm.

Lazar was again in the news last night. 7 minutes on Channel 9’s A Current Affair. He was approached in a coffee shop (his office?) by a reporter. He had nothing to hide, of course, so he bolted.

Controversial lender lands horse stud owner in financial trouble

In Seymour, Victoria, a horse stud owned by the Willis family for over 50 years, is in danger of being sold out from under him. Mr Willis took out a short term, high interest loan. The loan was $3.5 million. In two years, it's now $10 million with 60 per cent interest. If that breathtaking interest rate seems familiar – it is. See Post 15.

Naturally such high interest is the road to penury which is how Lazar operated. Mr Willis fell behind in the hefty loan repayments, resulting in receivers being called in. The horse stud owner said he had no idea Lazar was involved in the deal.

The real estate agent who flew to Melbourne to do the valuation on the property said she was sent by Lazar. Lazar said he had no knowledge of the stud loan deal. When there is an option to tell the truth, or lie, we know what his response will be. An email from Lazar's account shows he valued the stud at around $11 million.

The lender putting up the money for the loan is Leda Financial Group, owned by billionaire Bob Ell. Lazar also denied being involved with Leda or Mr Ell.

Lazar’s is appealing his conviction which is scheduled to be heard next week.

*Peter Gosnell, Insolvency News


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Did you have a similar reaction when you heard the words of the real estate agent, Ms Teens Dwight, that was hired by Lazar to fly to Melbourne and value the property of the horse breeder? I nearly choked on dinner. To the question from the interviewer “Do you know Ian Lazar?” Ms Dwight replied “he’s alright – actually, he’s a bloody nice guy when you get to know him.” Gasp!

But then I realised that even though he is a narcissist (and other unprintable words), Lazar can be personable. He has qualities that make a good con man. And, you have to admit, he is good at his chosen profession.

Later, the next day, I received information from a reliable source alleging that Ms Dwight is a very good friend of Al Constantinidis (Big Al).…that Ms Dwight had had dealings with Lazar in the past and has known him for many years. This fits in with her “when you get to know him”. If correct, then she knows what sort of really “bloody nice guy” Lazar is.

Big Al was the other person in Lazar’s last trial who was also convicted of Perverting the Course of Justice but admitted himself to hospital with bed sores, or something, the day or so before he was due to be sentenced. Just like their business dealings there had to be collusion between the two because Lazar also then admitted himself to hospital. Both a no-show for the sentencing. There could have been a bedside sentencing, but that never happened.

Anyway, we should know in a matter of days whether Lazar’s appeal is successful, or not.


This story should have been called 40 years on the farm for nothing! What a sad story. Is anyone else trying to understand how is this nark Ian Lazar still not in Jail? Has he done a deal with NSW Police? Nemeses reading your last post I suspect that the naïve Teena Dwight is connected to Big Al, if am correct she was associated with George Barnes a long time pal of Lazar's... that is until.. Bob Ell sold his farm after Lazar entrapped him into one of his mortgages.

Did you read the story today about the Fraudster Ian Lazar's former insolvency go-to-man Andrew Wily, apparently he was in on this deal, you will recall he is the disgraced ex-liquidator and bankruptcy trustee that has aided and abetted Lazar's history of frauds. Judge Paul Brereton once said that 'Wily should be the subject of a judicial inquiry'!

Well it's no surprise that Wily's company Idalia Property (NSW) Pty Ltd was invited to this fee feast and charged the borrower Willis a whopping $202,400 comprising a “lender introduction fee” of $191,400.00 and $11,000.00 for “Due Diligence”. Rest assured the fee's wont last long.. Lazar would be robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Here is the story... Ex-liquidator making hay in distressed lending · Insolvency News Online and NSW Police if you follow the money the fees will eventually land in Lazar's bank or someone connected to him, probably his fiancées.

Thinking about this dodgy deal.. and If Willis was smart... which I'm sure he is not....and lets acknowledge this is lazar's perfect pray for his modus operandi.... he would be applying to the Vic supreme court to have the mortgages set-aside and subpoena all the colourful characters! Maybe Levitt Robinson can come to his rescue, oh wouldn't that be the rainbow at the end of the pot of gold for them all.. I know one thing it would be the end of his relationship with the monopoly man which you can probably guess is very FRUSTRATED. Some how I don't think the property tycoon like's being featured on TV and associated with a mentally unwell and sickly looking fraudster on Bail for ripping off little old lady's and Aussie farmers, dodging camera men in the coffee shop! Good Luck in Court Lazar ...... A man reaps what he sows.


Apart from his criminal matter on the 22 Apr, Rocky is in the NSW supreme court for a civil hearing on 3rd 4th 5th and 6th May 10:00 am 2019/00302601 Martin Kunz as Trustee for the MYJAK Trust v Margaret Alice Hayes.

I wonder if Hayes is a distressed borrower that was induced into a loan by LAZAR!

Perhaps Martin Kunz is a relation of Andre Kunz who provided a loan to Latesha Safi the wife of the late Helal Safi that was found to be registered without her knowledge arranged by Lazar.

Looks like Mr. Andre Kunz is in hot water for illegal phoenix activity only a few months ago! I bet he is regretting getting into bed with Rocky! Moral of the story even after 10 years it still catches up to you.

20-283MR Former director pleads guilty to breaching directors’ duties | ASIC - Australian Securities and Investments Commission


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On Thursday 22 April The Court of Criminal Appeal heard a Notice to appeal the Racoon’s conviction.

Some technical jargon of the Court -
  • The Notice of Appeal is used by a party to appeal against an order or to apply for leave to appeal against an order. The purpose of an appeal is to correct an error, unfairness or wrongful exercise of judicial discretion. As it was most unfair for the Judge to find the Racoon guilty, RR has appealed the guilty verdict.
The same morning heard a notice of Appeal by Constantinidis. Both cases were a callover.
  • Callover/Mention. Cases often appear in the court's lists several times before there is a hearing, or before sentencing occurs. These court appearances are known as callovers, or mentions. They are used to find out how you will plead, and how much time the court will need to allocate for a hearing.
And so, it drags on.

Robert posted a comment on Insolvency News Online's website. I wish I had thought of it - 'sewer dwellers".


Just Ian.... Ian has started his own YouTube channel.... If you are bored with the videos you are watching on YouTube it’s about to get worse: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC24xSMrqJ0PT2Dpc9Uu0zww

"Ian lazar is an expert business consultant who manage all business growth aspects and responsible for identifying areas of a business model that could be improved and strategizing how that improvement could be executed. He offers some steps for building a successful business. 1. Create something of value. 2. Make a difference in other people's lives. 3. Be Genuine and Transparent. 4. Have a positive Attitude. 5 Adhere to his 80/20 rule".

If you're going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk Ian!

The videos were uploaded to his new YouTube channel on Jul 2, 2021. A third video was uploaded to his new business page created on OZDial.

"Ian Lazar helps entrepreneurs and business owners to grow their businesses with innovative and highly effective advisory." Ian Lazar - Equity & Co | Business & Services | Randwick | Australia - ozdial.com.au - You are welcome to leave him a review "Have you used this business? Tell others about it with a OzDial review!"

Looks like you can write to him at PO Box 71 Randwick NSW 2031 Randwick, NSW and he offers a phone service 0415238888 for financial lending requirements and commercial financing. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, he has uploaded a video to YouTube [MEDIA=youtube]XFY0yH0g8Kg[/MEDIA] A 2014 Letter from Ian Lazar to Senate Hansard And Response Received to Him from The Senate....

Doesn’t he realise that people who live in the past generally are afraid to compete in the present. I've got my faults but living in the past is not one of them. There's no future in the past Rocky!

Judge D Yehia is hearing one of his criminal cases this coming Monday in the district court 26 Jul 10:00 am2014/00320266 R v IAN DAVID LAZAR Criminal District Court Special Hearing.

It looks Ian appeal is before the court again on the 05 August.


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Tick-Tock has pointed out Lazar's new found use of You Tube to spread the good news.
A 2014 Letter from Ian Lazar to Senate Hansard And Response Received to Him from The Senate....

Senator John Williams addressed the Australian Senate on 21/09/2011. The Senator accused Lazar of ripping off investors, taking people's life savings and leaving them homeless and in dire financial straits - with many losing their homes, their retirement savings and their marriages. See Post 1.

Outraged by this exposure, Lazar applied, and was granted, permission by the Senate Privileges Committee to respond. Senator Williams approved Lazar’s right of submission and also the right for it to be published in Hansard.

Before Senator Williams addressed the Senate, he had on hand ten Statutory Declarations and one Affidavit from people who had been “ripped off” by Lazar. The Senator had documented evidence before he stood and spoke before the Committee. In the Affidavit is stated:
" I personally know five people who have lost their homes because of this man. I have few regrets in life. The foremost is ever having met this loathsome, odious grub, Ian Lazar".

On the other hand, the Senate did not require Lazar’s response to be under oath. It did not consider, or judge, the truth of any statements made in his submission (Senate Privilege Resolutions Appendix B, 5. 6).

So, unfettered by the burden of truth, providing facts, and swearing an oath, our certified delusional, mentally challenged, and now convicted criminal, took the opportunity to display his creative, fictional writing skills in his submission.

I note that Lazar has not received any “likes” on his You Tube posts. Must be disappointing when such effort, to explain his actions to help others, goes unrecognised. He could have paid companies as little as $6.99 a hundred “likes” to make his video appear more appealing. But that would have meant parting with his treasured pennies that he has worked so hard to remove from his victims.

The trial for ripping off the lady who died homeless started last week on 27 July 2021. It is expected to last five to seven weeks. If it lasts the distance his barrister alone will cost $500,000 +. That’s got to hurt.

The current lockdown must be driving him crazier – not being able to conduct his scams from his office at the local coffee shop. Pity the poor wife and kid locked up with him 24 X 7.


Lazars recent appearence on Channel 9 Sydney. FRAUD TRIAL: A man who allegedly defrauded an 82-year-old woman of her home has faced court. Watch it here
Lazar was found not guilty today given the doubt as to the state of mind of the complainant Amy Hewitt.

This is not the end of the road for lazar he has a few other apperences this month:

DateTimeCase no.Case nameJurisdictionCourtListing typePresiding officerLocationCourt roomList no.
20 Sep10:00 am2014/00320266R v IAN DAVID LAZARCriminalDistrict CourtMention
  • Judge D Sweeney
Sydney Downing CentreDowning Centre
Crt 3.1 Downing Ctr
05 Oct10:00 am2014/00320266R v IAN DAVID LAZARCriminalDistrict CourtSpecial Hearing
  • Unassigned
Sydney Downing CentreUnassigned-
07 Oct9:00 am2014/00320266CCA Appeal IAN DAVID LAZAR v RCriminalCourt of Criminal AppealCallover (CCA)
  • Registrar G Galanis
Supreme Court SydneyUnassigned