Ifeanyi Udegbe, Nigerian

I see that another low life scammer boi Ifeanyi Udegbe is showing how smart he is and that he can also count up to: err " ONE " :D

Or maybe he is letting the yahoo boi who dobbed him in know how much he appreciates the boi's loyalty? :rofl:


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Sex: Male
DOB: May 5, 1982
Relationship Status: Single
Political Views: people democratic party
Religious Views: christain
Favorite Movies: prison break
Favorite Quotations: he who laugh last laugh best
About Me: i am a God fearing person
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Lone Wolf

Mr. Ifeanyi Udegbe,SCAMMER.

Why Mr. Ifeanyi Udegbe.
You may need that finger for when you meet Mr BUBBA.

Or you may want to use it on one of your pals? Maybe Mr. Orogun or possibly others in your gang, who want to keep themselves out of jail at the expense of ---Guess who, Mr. Ifeanyi Udegbe.? :SuN029:

Lone Wolf

Ifeanyi Udegbe a big time loser all round.

Oh BOY! Did this scumbag miss out on everything, He must have been at the back of the queue when they were handing out goodies.
Not only did he miss out on the good looks, he also missed out badly in the brains department.

You could at least have answered more, or are you terrified of a phone call?

Imagine what is coming your way soon? Ok as you are so stupid, I will give you a clue, his name begins with B and finishes with an A . And he does not mind how bad you look as long as he can have his way with you his cell, This is how he amuses himself. :hurt:

Sapphire's Strike

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Omorogbe Efosa - AKA Kelly Mi Efex - AKA POKAS - AKA KISS ASS
Hometown: Bénin, Nigeria
Activities: Business - Scamming innocent people! General lapdog and leech to Jerry Orogun
Interests: Travelling - paid for by his VICTIMS!

Looks like the tooth man borrowed Wilmot Odior's dress, I knew I had seen this on somebody else before!

You are more than stupid Udegbe. We see that even idiot scammer Jerry Orogun was giving you a warning here:

He who laughs last, laughs loudest idiot. Think you fooled them did you?…..think hard, then think again brain dead!….hahahahahaha


How's is that breath of fresh air to you, Sandra Egharevba? Gotta run toothy boy, I have an appointment with Buck Shot but just one question to your girlfriend before I go:

"What does it feel like to kiss a man with yellow, protruding teeth, does he trap your lips?" ;)

Central Scrutinizer

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Breath of fresh air? It's more like someone shoved an air compressor hose up his ass and turned it on full. Ifeanyi is going to have so much gas he could cause a tornado when he farts.

Central Scrutinizer

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We need to add a little more bio info:

Mobile Number: +2348068826047
Other: 052 250409
College: UNIVERSITY OF BENIN '08, BSC, sociology
Position: NYSC


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I thought we had "Toothy" here before. Definitely needs the shades. What about his girlfriend, the other scammer?


Central Scrutinizer

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He used to work for the Nigerian National Youth Service Corps. I wonder if they got rid of him because he's a scammer? Considering their mission statement I'd guess they would. http://www.nysc.gov.ng/

(b) to raise the moral tone of the Nigerian youths by giving them the opportunity to learn about higher ideals of national achievement, social and cultural improvement;


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They say that everyone loves a little pussy but I don't think Ifeanyi quite understands what that means.