Garreg Ddu

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Yet another scam found because the criminal idiot registered here to try to post his garbage!

The username is inquiry2mobiles, registered with email address, from IP Address:
address: Safaricom House
address: Waiyaki way
address: Westlands
address: PO Box 46350
address: 00100
address: Nairobi
address: Kenya

Typical of this scammer's spamming posts is the following, extracted from a cache on another forum:


Our company is well known has good and standard company that is reliable. Product are all original comes with 1year international warranty.


The Mobile Phones are Original/Authentic. 100% sure of working with any network operator or sim card world wide.

========BlackBerry======= The BlackBerry Porsche Design P9981 is a Candybar, Querty Keyboard Smartphone from BlackBerry which runs on BlackBerry OS 7.0. BlackBerry Porsche

Design P'9981 available in Black color and 155 grams of weight.

All the products are ready to use . No activation required And all with special pin .

Blackberry Porsche Design P9981 Blackberry Blade design Blackberry Tk Victory =======Apple iPhone======= Apple iPhone 4S 64GB Apple iPhone 4S 32GB Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Apple iPhone 4G 32GB Apple iPhone 4G 16GB Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB
Apple iPhone5 Apple iPad 3 Wi-Fi + 4G

Samsung Galaxy 19100 SII Samsung Galaxy 19300 SIII Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 P3100 Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 P5100 Samsung Galaxy N7000 NoteI
Samsung Galaxy N7100 NoteII

Shipping Method: FedEX and DHL Delivery Time: 2-3daysDELIVER TO OUR CUSTOMER DOORSTEP ANY WHERE IN THE WORLD Made In Mexico, Hungary and Canada

Contact Information Name:Rasak Jamal


Emails: Charts: Skype:inquiry2mobiles Google talk
Yes, the spam really is that badly written, repetative and un-grammatical.

So, inquiry2mobiles, you get the message? You register here and your scam gets exposed and you become famous as an internet criminal.

Once again, you are warned THIS IS A SCAM. You will be asked to pay by MoneyGram or Western Union and YOU WILL BE ROBBED.

This is a total fake dreamt up by a criminal with the object of stealing your money. No phones or other electronics will ever be delivered.