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It is in our mail.

From: []

P.O. Box 116, Police Headquarters,
E-Mail: []

Ghana Police Service, Good Citizen.

right now you have $4.1 000 000 00 dollars with money gram director to transfer to you, contact Mr Jay Jones first before any order office, []. and also you have $180 000 000 00 dollars to be transferred to you through barclays bank Ghana, by the office of Solomon, the director of barclays bank, he will contact you letter in the day.

i have verify those names you sent to me, i discovered that they are all group of Nigerians scamers in ghana, i have arrested 20 people this morning, my boys are still investigating,

you have to contact money gram today, to enable mr jay jones transfer your funds today, this funds is compensation for you from the Ghana government, as soon as you receive this funds, we are send 7 refugee children from the united nation office here in Accra Ghana to come and school in your country,

1. His Excellency President John Evans Mills (Chairman)
2. Hon. Cletus Avoka (Minister for the Interior)
3. Mr. Paul Quaye (Inspector-General of Police)
4. Barrister John Edward (Office Of The Attorney-General)
5. COP/Rtd. Mr. Kwesi Nkansah (Representative of the Retired Senior Police Officers' Association)
6. Mr SOLOMON Ocloo (Representative barclays bank)
7. Mr. Aboah (President’s Nominee)
8. Dr Bright Mensah (Rep. Western union Ghana /Togo)
9. Dr gungula mawuse. (Representative of barclays banks in west africa)
10. Mr. F. E. Naana Ampratwum ,Cheif Director of Interior(Secretary).
11. General Andrews thomas Humanitarian Officer UN

Do not deal with any person calling you in regards to your funds, call me for confirmation or barrister john Edward and verification in other for you not to be a victim of scam, BE WARN..

and you have to contact the office of barrister john [] forward your passport copy and id card to enable you receive your funds, and also you have funds in western union and money gram [], you have to contact DR MENSAH BRIGHT [], He have 36,000.000 00 dollars while the money gram office have 4.1 000.000.00 dollars, to transfer to you without delay, contact this two offices and come back to me, because we have concluded on board of director meeting with banks and delivery agent also with diplomats, they all said you can not receive transfer, without present of DR GUNGULA MAWUSE [], also the airport authority said they have only appointed one general to deliver your consignment to you, which is general andrews thomas []. please contact this people today, as soon as you do this ready to receive all your funds this week.

get back to me with all info i needed to enable me get more scamer arrested, because i just arrested mr larry and most of the top scam members in western union and banks in Ghana and Togo because we are actively working with togo police agents

Mr. Paul Quaye Ghana Police Service
(Inspector-General of Police)

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From the mailbag, no headers.

Date: Sat, 29 May 2010
Subject: Re: dpcument.
From: []

P.O. Box 116, Police Headquarters,
E-Mail: []
Ghana Police Service, Good Citizen.

Government the only way and solution for you to receive this funds that you have already lost, i am working things out here, i have arrested about 51 person in regard to this your transaction, which i need more information to make justice rain, please come back to me with more information and scamers passport copy and scamers address which fraud you before for more and more investigation,

i am waiting to here from you today.

Mr. Paul Quaye Ghana Police Service
(Inspector-General of Police)

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Received: from, Ghana, Ghana Telecom Adsl
Abuse: Ghana Telecom ADSL, Michael Komla Nfodzo, Ghana Telecommunications Ltd. Telecom House, GTnet/xDSL, PMB 221, Accra North, phone: +233 20 2003504, phone: +233 21 247081, phone: +233 21 257848, fax-no: +233 21 247082, e-mail: [] OR Daniel Adjei Asante, Ghana Telecom, FASTnet Department, Accra-North, phone: +233 21 247081, fax-no: +233 21 251277, e-mail: [] OR Emmanuel Aantwi Kwarteng, Ghana Telecom Company Ltd. Headquarters, Accra-North, phone: +233 21 247081, phone: +233 20 2005526, fax-no: +233 21 247082, e-mail: []
Date: Sat, 13 Nov 2010
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Good Day.

I am Inspector general of Ghana Police Service. Two weeks ago, my patrol team and my security surveillance arrested three people at the Aflao border trying to Smuggle Two Metallic Trunk Boxes through Ghana Exit. From our intense investigation inspection and screwing, one person was discoursed to be A Bank Manager and one Diplomatic Officer, trying to divert your funds to another person, using Ghana as an escape route.

When we took the box for scanning the result shows that it contains cash of about 6 million united state dollars,

After serious interrogations, one of them confessed that this boxes was stolen from a bullion van and they fled with it, maybe trying to leave Ghana, In the process when my team caught up with them, one of them was smart enough to tear off the tag that was attached to the box and claimed that the boxes belongs to them but after investigations the police was smarter, some pieces of the tag was found and we were able to pick some piece of information which contained your name, email address I now make use of your email address to contact you.

The boxes had been deposited with the United Nation Depository Vault bonded warehouse for safety purpose and I will want you to get back to me via email or a telephone call on your decision if the boxes be delivered to you through diplomatic services, or handed over to the Ghanaian government.

I will send you the picture of three hoodlums that want to do away with your boxes also i will attached my scan copy of my passport to you, I want you to provide me with your full information, contact address, and a scanned copy of your international passport or drivers license for identification because the Gov. has approved that we should make sure that this two boxes should be deliver to you in your possession before one week.

I await your immediate reply towards this mail, Please contact, +233247194752



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romance scamming

hi mr. paul quaye

iam sad i diden see it comming, but i have been scammed for some time now, a man is at this moment trying to scam me, telling me he is you and need me to send 3500 dollars to a man called hamza rashad in ghana, il send you the email "poul" the man who say he is you, send me and hes cellphone number is +233 2265256768

•use moneygram or westernunion email me with the informations so will also c=
ontact him and give him the informations when he picks up the money then he=
will go to the airport and they will book the next available flight for he=
r.Text me on my phone as soon as you send it so i can check my email and fo=
rward the informations to him.How long will it take you to send it so i wil=
l let him be aware?

Fra: Ghana Police Services (
Sendt: 5. juni 2012 06:44:02


How are you doing today?The money is 3500 Dollars and it has to be send to this name Hamza Rashad that is the name of the person who will pick it up when you send it to Ghana on the name i gave you.

Mr. Paul Tawiah Quaye
Inspector General of Police (IGP
The Ghana Police Service was established to ensure maintenance of law and order, apprehension of offenders, detection of crime and maintenance of internal peace and security. This is achieved by ensuring the operational readiness and availability of trained police personnel for deployment at all times throughout the country

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use moneygram or westernunion email me with the informations so will also contact him and give him the informations when he picks up the money then he will go to the airport and they will book the next available flight for her.Text me on my phone as soon as you send it so i can check my email and fo=
rward the informations to him.How long will it take you to send it so i will let him be aware?


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Paul Tawaih Quaye, Ghana Police Service

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Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2013
From: pattrick kwateng <>

P.O. Box 116, Police Headquarters,

Ghana Police Service, Good Citizen.​


It is a great honor to inform you that your UN Express Access Card and your Diplomatic Passport is ready now. the Honorable President has done everything for you free of charges and it has been also stamp by the UN custom.

The president just inform me few hours ago that he has also send you the Ambassador form for you to fill it and submit it to him immediately. i am very happy today because of the kindness of the president, and the UN diplomat, Prince Osawe is also ready now to come directly to your door step with the consignment containing your 2 ATM Card and your UN Express Access Card and your Diplomatic Passport.

The president has put everything in good order and the diplomat will move right now, immediately you send the final payment of the $1200 usd to him for the UN Delivery confirmation today.

The President said that you should quickly send the payment of the $140 for the UN Final delivery confirmation right now, directly to the receiver name below:

Country: ACCRA, GHANA.
Amount: $1200 only.
Question: FINAL?

Please urgently make the payment across right now and send me the payment information so that i can assist the president to make the payment to him urgently for the UN Final delivery confirmation immediately.

Note that the President is waiting for you.

Send the payment immediately right now, and send me the payment information immediately so that i can forward it to the president. OK?

i am seriously waiting for you with the payment information.

Inspector General of
Paul Tawaih Quaye.


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Date: Wed, 22 Jan 2014
Subject: Urgent
From: Paul Quaye <>

LOCATION: POLICE HEADQUARTERS, ACCRA. ADDRESS: BOX 116, POLICE HQRS, ACCRA. Telephone No. (+233)541 952 837, Fax: (+233) 230 235 002.


I bring you greetings from the Police force 0f The Republic of Ghana and on behalf of the Ghana Government. I Am Inspector Paul Tawiah Quaye. I am contacting you based on two trunk consignment boxes worth $20million United States Dollars that was recovered from some fake Diplomat who have in one way or the other scam you of your money,As they where trying to run away with your boxes they were arrested and being prosecuted and they will be facing court trial very soon However,i been the Inspector Paul Tawiah Quaye force of Ghana i assure you one thing, so don't worry you will receive your consignment boxes and all what you have lost in the past,the reason why you have not being receiving your boxes is because you have being dealing with the wrong people but now you have me and the whole of the Police force security is assured,i also want to make you understand that we feel your pain and we share in your pain too,all what you have lost over the years you will get them back in double procedure most be followed to achieve a goal of success,

I need you to fill in the information below.

FULL NAME_______________________________
DELIVERY ADDRESS_______________________________________
DIRECT PHONE_______________

Best Regards
Inspector Paul Tawiah Quaye