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Este fue el penúltimo mensaje que el "amor de mi vida" me escribió después de supuestamente haberse "ganado" mi amor incondicional jaja!, eran las 6 de la mañana en Perú....

Hello My Dear..

Am Very Sorry for not sending you mail was bcoz i have a Problem that is why Hun, So am not fine over here.. So how are u doing today??? Hun i heard an Accident when i was coming back from the School for the past 2days now ... I was taking to the Hospital and i don't know what Happened to me at all, i was very mad in the Hospital, So Hun i woke up this Night and i have to tell the Doctor to please Give me his Laptop so i will be able to mail you and tell you about it Okay.. So For now i will be using the Doctor System to Check and Reply your mail Okay....

So Hun the Doctor Tried so much and he told me that he told to do some thing for and is going to cost me Money and i told him that i don't have any Money with me and without the Doctor doing this to me i will not be able to leave the Hospital Hun.. And the Amount the Doctor need is 650pounds.. For so many thing in My Body and My Bone to do Hun.. i have a Broken Bone... Hun Please Help me????

Hun I will like you to call the Doctor so u can hear every thing from him Okay.. this is the doctor number +447024051998 Hun Please call him Okay bcoz i will tell him that my dear will call him Okay..

I Miss you so much, I Love you with all My Heart..

Hope to hear from you soonest My Dear

Yours Valentin Maria

Enseguida le respondí (con ánimos de que entienda que jamás voy a realizar una transacción monetaria) es más, de verdad tengo un amigo en Inglaterra, pero él esta en Londres... detecté su IP porque el estafador cometió el error de mandarme uno de esos mails desde un Blackberry (Fue desde este donde me logró contactar por medio del Pinwall que es una red social exclusiva del BB...estafadores en todos lados!)

Esto fue lo que yo le dije (por cierto mi inglés es pésimo -Solo hice básico jaja-, asi que disculpen)

Oh what a shame!

I want to see how you are and where .... send me a picture to know if they treat you well (take it from your laptop), I am very worried .... give me the name and number of the Hospital ... I have a friend in Manchester who is a doctor, if necessary I'll tell my friend to look and take care of your recovery, and he help you on what you need ... My friend's name is Angel , please, you do not give me the number of doctor but give me the number of hospital (central's number)...the number of the room where you friend prefer to speak with hospital's management, he is very self-reliant and distrustful of his colleagues...

I will give your IP to locate you more easily (static I got a message from you, so help us locate you...please, send me your blackberry's number too...

I will be waiting for your prompt response. I love you!

... y bueno; su respueste fue breve y notaba incomodidad de su parte (quería dinera rápido) creen??

The name os the Doctor is Dr Phillip Ok, So My dear the Doctor have already don want he need to be don on me Ok.. So All is need now is the money i need to pay him that is why Ok.. i need 500pound Hun can you please help me with that?

So Hun no need for you to tell your friend again Ok..

Am waiting for your mail.. i lost my Black Berry too

Enseguida para terminar esta situación de intercambiar correos con un estafador y perder mi tiempo le respondi el mensaje con todo lo que tenía... Por cierto, averigué lo que tenía que saber por medio de está página antiestafadores, le mande una captura de pantalla del Pinwall hecha con mi Blackberry y una foto que me envió mediante el correo Pero al parecer siguen utilizando esta técnica ya tan desfasada....tengan mucho cuidado queridos amigos!!!

I'm not an idiot! I wanted to see how far you went ... suddenly I'm talking to a scourge ...
but, so far I get this, you still pestering the few people left in the world with a bit of innocence......... or stupidity!

A good way to find out more about the person you are writing to is by doing a search on what they have written to you, with practice you will learn what parts are more likely to give you hits, in this case, there is another profile with the same words but a different girl, does this look familiar?

Age:25 I am a:Woman Location:Chicago, Cook, IL, US Birthday:23.01.1986 Looking for:Man Relationship:Woman Language:English About me i am kinda new to this online dating stuff and u happen to be my first contact online.. well dear i just got out of a Bad Relationship that really hunted me.. that's why i got introduced to this online dating stuff... I am a very sincere and Honest lady.. I think Age is no Barr er to me..if i find the right man.. i don't mind relocating cuz i have done it before and i don't mind doing it again.. I am a lady that is in need of real and perfect love.. i am only on here for True Love.. I pray to God to make me find the right man for my life.....Well its real Nice getting to know you.. yes i really love Traveling but i have only been living in the US and its my first time in W.Africa(Nigeria)..Its kinda alright here but things tend to be very Expensive here.. I love to eat fast food..... I will tell you a little about real name is Diana Jane i am 24years,from the State,i am living alone,i am studying....i am the only daughter of the family, my parent got married to each in New York....i am happy i have a wonderful parent like my parent but unfortunately i lost my parent years ago in a car wreck and it sucks..its so painful coz i was unable to let them feel my impact before thay died... Right now i am studying(Banking and finance) in west Africa (Nigeria) precisely..this is my first time to travel to Nigeria and i don't really know much about this environment but i am so adaptive so i get used to alot of things so easily and i get to understand how things are been done in the environmental too as well...i have just started my career on it and its really my dream and i seek a man who will support my dream... THE MAN I REALLY WANT IN MY LIFE.. i would really like to get to know alot about you and learn somethings with you cause you seems to be kind of ready in getting to know my kind of person and hopeful we can meet in person soon..with time we will get to know each others feelings, motives and intentions towards each other and it will help us grow knowing each other and trusting each other.. Am interested in a man that is Honest,God fearing,loyal,trustworthy and intelligent person..i am looking for something long term relationship.coz i have been hurt by men before and i don't want to be hurt again neither do i want to be single again..i am looking for a life companion to share love with...So this is my picture i will like you to share some of yours with me too Okay? Take Good Care of your self for me alone...

Everything seems not?

take care!

rather, do me a favor, introduce me to the photo because it is in something haha!

I love you ...Valentin xD!

Adjunto fotos al respecto!


Bienvenido Rageek

Aunque no me he enterado bien con tu historia; da la impresión que ha estadom jugando con un estafador que posiblemente esté en Africa (Ghana y Nigeria son los paises mas frecuentes)

Jugar con un estafador es llado scambaiting y está descrito que puede ser peligroso; y mas si ellos tienen información personal tuya o en el hipotético caso de que pudiesen localizar tu IP

Puede hacerse scambaiting con seguridad pero cumpliendo unas leyes elementales de seguridad ;)