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Subject: Attn: (Filed IIA-1089-IFTMT2)!
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2019

The International Funds Transfer Monitoring Team (IFTMT) Unit on Africa case (Filed IIA-1089-IFTMT2) regarding Scam Victims/seized Funds of Foreign Individuals and Companies 2013-Date.

Attn: (Filed IIA-1089-IFTMT2)!

This email message is directed to you from International Funds Transfer Monitoring Team (IFTMT) Unit on Scam Victims 2011-Date. This is Case (Filed IIA-1089-IFTMT2) Africa Division field Office on scam victims (ADFO).

This message is to alert you of the recovery of your long seized/overdue unpaid inheritance funds in Africa, which was recovered after our 9 months of thorough investigations in Africa/Nigeria regarding unpaid/seized inheritance funds of foreign Individuals and Companies.

This message is intended to you, and is therefore not by mistake that you are receiving this notice. You have received this message/notice because your seized funds calculated at total USD$15,000.000.00 (fifteen Million US Dollars) has been recovered from the Federal Government of Nigeria. Your funds is now in our possession and we are contacting you with this confidential information, to enable you quickly receive your funds without any further stress or delay.

We have been informed by some offices and security agencies and some financial operations that attempts have been made for you to receive your funds, but so far you failed due to dealings with the wrong people. We are here to ensure you receive your funds this time once you cooperate and work with us.

You shall be dealing directly with us and no third party is or would be allowed. You will receive direct instructions/information on the necessary payment release procedures to follow and no one else is expected or permitted to contact this office if not you. This is for security reasons. Please take note no one else!.


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International Funds Transfer Monitoring Team (IFTMT)
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Crimes & Fraud Unit (Field office)