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DEAR SIR /miss
This is my real story true and honest and for kind people. I will hopefully that never be discomfort but at the first let me introduce myself. I am an inventor and investigator by so many certification award and medals in international competitive invention exhibition, and first one of special investigator in my country two years ago .my projects are often about people safety from danger , for example (develop air bags for vehicle or in physics ) by the poem humans salvation don’t countries around but this is not my story. my story started two years ago I received an email from some young woman I never see her and she introduced herself my name is faith amah next of kin DR Fredrick amah I live in refugee camp in Dakar Senegal and I need 10000 $ dollar for take barrister and release fund. I had 5.3 millions $ and I said to her that I am not a rich man but I help to you. Ok really I am going to know that my decision was help her reason humanity then she introduced to me her lawyer by Mr. Bar duke Ashman I prepared money hard and paid to her barrister but then they scam of certification of hospital and email of bank .standard chartered bank in united king down and Clydesdale bank of Scotland on this time I check the email of banks from original site that’s true I think maybe they hack. the email address of bank in appearances complete exactly true by true name and contact no: and in this email bank said me I had to prepare Anti terrorism and clearance fund certification award and I had to pay 8500 Euro I didn’t had any money ON THIS TIME and .I had to borrow money from my families and friends SO BANK INTRODUCE TO ME two proxy persons. I had to come to Dubai for delivering money I borrow money again because I have to .they said me the bank diplomat names are Mr. Ben Johnson and Mr. john Michael then diplomats appointment to me and they show me black money and said me that I need solution for cleaning it and so they took 10000 $ from me again and then they missed .I didn’t have any way I came back to my country discomfort, sad , very tired my live collapse and my believes damage and so my health in dangerous I was in depression my condition so bad .I prayer and asked form gods why this scammers appearance in my live. What is my by this scammer. Internet scammer had very various methods and so they are clever artist. my whishes is never any body

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