Internet Love Scams


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This posting is probably more appropriate to post at the following web site: I did a post there and it may be found at: All Scammer Information > Known Scammer E-mail addresses

This is "My Story".....
She called herself Matilda Lewis and she initially contacted me via She left me a rather innocent looking message concerning friendship. I answered her and she strongly suggested I download and install the Yahoo Messenger client software so we could "chat". I did that and soon we were "chatting almost every day". She uses
as her e-mail address.

Once she had me isolated on Yahoo she went to work on me immediately. She told me the following: She is 30 Years old. She is in Akure, Nigeria and is there against her will. She was born and raised in Manchester, UK and lived with her mother until her passing on. She then moved to Florida, USA and
stayed with her father and worked for him for a time as an Auditor for his company. Her father made his money in the oil business. She earned a Bachelor degree in accounting. While working for her father she earned $120,000 USD. Her and her father had a "spat" and she moved to Herndon, Virginia, USA. In Herndon she met a "boyfriend' who talked her into going to Nigeria to make money in oil. She took her money with her and found her boyfriend only wanted her money. She left him and moved to a Hotel in Akure, Nigeria. She became afraid and hired a "security company" who packed her money away in luggage, insured it and sealed it.

Matilda offered me 10% of the money if I could get her out of Nigeria and back to the USA. A few weeks later she told me she loved me, and would move to my place near San Diego. All we must do is get her out of Nigeria.

This scam started in March, 2007. Over a period of months as she was "Stranded" in Nigeria she had several "crisis" which required money to solve. Like an idiot I sent her $500-600.00 USD over a period of months to help her along. In order to do that I had to go out and obtain several "payday loans".

When she realized I literally had no more money to give she announced she had a "friend" in Manchester, UK who was an old sub-contractor who had worked for her father. He had volunteered to send her $5,000 USD to pay off her bills in Akure and pay for airfare to fly to California to be with me.
His name is Henry. This was in June, 2007. Henry did send me an e-mail and told me a check was on its way to me. I was subsequently contacted by US Customs when they intercepted the check and it was a counterfeit check.
I notified Matilda and Henry about this and was told another check would arrive soon. It did and it was for $5,000 USD. I took it to my bank and deposited it into checking. About two weeks later I was notified by my bank that the check was counterfeit. I am now awaiting a third check to arrive and I am convinced it is also counterfeit.

So what did Matilda have to gain from this scam? She made roughly $600.00 over a period of six months. That is a lot of money in Nigeria. This is not all to my story.......there is more....

I suggested to Henry that he wire me the money via Western Union and in doing so gave him my bank routing number, checking account number, phone numbers and address.

I am now fighting "Identity Theft". Yes, my checking account is overdrawn by almost $800.00 USD and I have no money left at all. I have had to open a new checking account at a different bank and changed direct deposits to the new account.

I live on military retirement and social security. It is a fixed income of only $1490.00 per month. When my checking account became overdrawn I was unable to make payments on my automobile. It has been repossessed. I sit here today writing this completely broke, unable to buy food and the necessities of life.

In summary. This scam is unique in that it took quite a bit of time and was accomplished completely over a Internet Chat client. It is now August, 2007
and Matilda Lewis no longer sends e-mail or appears on the Yahoo messenger.

I have photos of her which are thumbnails and are quite professionally done.
I have an account on Here are direct links to the photos so one may "see for themselves".

I will now try to recover from all of this. I am heartbroken and totally broke.
I am writing this so that the reader may benefit educationally. Knowledge is power. Beware of Internet "Love Scams". They can be and are deadly.


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Sorry to hear about this mate, but it sounds so typical for a romance scam. You will get over it, and you've got a big family here for support. We'll get the bloody bastards some day.

De Master Yoda

Romance scam

Hi Dennis, I am sorry to hear about this!
AS the Doc says it WILL pass!

I know that it seems bleak now But I can assure you that it will pass and life will become 'normal' again!

We are all here for you and will assist in any way we can!

Many thanks for your courage in posting this ! as it may help someone else avoid this type of scam!

They may have got your money but they cannot break your spirit!! so in many ways you are ahead of them !

I am writing this so that the reader may benefit educationally. Knowledge is power.
WELL SAID . We are educating the public and we are hurting the scammers.


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Darn I'm sorry to hear about this. Some people think that internet scamming is a "victimless" crime. No harm, no foul. This shows that scamming does have consequences for the victim and it reminds us why we are here. We have to stop this.


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@ Dennis,

I'm so sorry to hear about this. But the sun still rises every day, and so will you.


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I talked to Matilda Lewis today. Thanks to the article I didn't fall for the scam. I got the same exact pictures and everything. Here's our conversation. I had fun with it.

05:29 how are you?
05:30 im cool and you?
05:30 i'm good just getting in from class
05:30 they really know how to stack you up with work lol
05:30 I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you
05:30 lol
05:30 its ok
05:31 dont worry you will be fine in no time
05:31 i was once a student like that back in englad
05:31 i hope so
05:31 are you from the US?
05:32 from the us but my late mom was from england
05:32 oh so where are you now?
05:32 i actually grew up in england but i had to come over cos she was dead
05:32 that had to be a tough transition I couldn't imagine
05:33 you're strong for making it through that
05:33 yeah indeed one
05:33 but i have gone over that
05:33 althought it was a pianful experience
05:33 cos i love her so much
05:34 you must have GOD in your life
05:34 i know that'd be


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Matilda Lewis: Still out there

I was screening my e-mail this morning and found this. She is still out there and boy is she upset. I think she found my posting. My goal is to make life as difficult as possible for her.

From: Matilda Lewis <>
Subject: Re: Information
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007

hey you old fool,what the hell do you think you have just did to blackmailed me.i actually felt i could love and cherish you for the rest of my life,i was not on line for some while and you never bothered to ask about me,not email or something,all you could do is to go ahead and tell stories about me and you actually called me some names there.telling the whole world I'm a are an asshole,i felt i could love you but i dont know you just and old idiot
Watch out for her she is about at evil as can be. She will hit you up for money in no time flat. I do find it interesting she is miraculously in England and no longer in Nigeria.
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Again, sorry to hear about this.

Romance scammers are becoming more sophisticated all the time, and are more often than not a ring of thieves, and not a single person. They employ a female "sitter" to take phone calls, and she gets around 40% of the split. Any less, she is getting ripped by the lads

PM me. I don't log on here often, but I might be able to return a few favors. :cool:


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new twist

I was contacted by a scammer of a dating site. She recontacted me several dauys later( they can not keep track of all the people they attempt to scam). I gave her a cock and bull story about losing my job and being deeply in debt. Apparently they can "help" me in Nigeria. They need $20.00 registration and my university certificate. Some scammers just do not give up easy.


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I had one,,,,Right off the bat he wanted to send me flowers....I thought he was lying...I gave him my work address since I work for the Government....Said he was an Engineer in Florida....leaving for Nigeria the next day to build a Road.....Within 3 days.....the 2 dozen roses arrived at work 24 inches long with a Teddy Bear attached to the vase....2 weeks later he was having money problems and sent me money orders to cash for him.....They even looked fake.....He was the one that lost out...Not only on the money for the flowers....but I am a very nice person.....his lost all the way around....So he tried by buying me something first...thinking I would fall prey to him....Not


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They are almost always from Florida and they are always engineers and they are going to or are in Africa.


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tying to stop a scammer

I have talked with five men from a dating site called MATE 1, and let me tell you most of the guys on there are nothing more than big time guy in particular has the same profile posted with three different photos. any woman who falls for a guy that tells her he loves her deeply after writing her for one hour is a dope. I will listen to all the crap they have to say, and that includes anything from their child is starving to they are being evicted from their hotel. Most of the men prey on older women from the u.s. thinking they are loaded with money. I deliberately changed my age to try and catch one. which of course I caught five would be scammers. the only thing I have been able to do is have them banned from the site, but all they have to do is change their name and they are right back on. Isnt there any way we will ever stop this maddening cycle of scammers.:mad:


One sure way to identify scammers wildflower is money request ,but prior to scammers wasting your time its best reading the info called 'headers' which come with all email ,this will tell you where mail from.
post the headers under 'is this a scammer' if you are not sure.

We can stop them and we do but while there is an internet for normal people to use there will always be fraud in various shapes and forms.
see finding headers >


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my story is different

I met a guy in net,he resides in malaysia but he is a nigerian,we were friends for 6 months and became lovers.After chatting for so long he invited me to go and visit him in malaysia and we lived together for 3 months.He introduced me to his work and friends. they taught me some works about scamming and i was so shocked to know what they were doing.But i pretended to be ok and i just followed the flow and I did all the work they asked me to do.They asked me to open accounts in different dating sites and job sites and the next thing is send people the scripts they gave me.They do different types of scamming.investing money for bussiness,fraud checks,fake credit cards,romance scam,package scam,arrival scams,lottery scams, and they do collect big money.They can even do scam face to face. My conscience troubled me a lot because they don't care about the victims.They have no heart,They have no conscience.They collect big money from people striving hard for their lives.
It was then that I realized that me myself is a victim because I'm working with him for nothing.He just promised me his love and everything but no future. How can I believe a professional scammer like him?..there was an incident that the maga (this is how they call the victim) committed suicide because of the big loss, and that was it.
I decided to leave him and go back to where i belong before my visa expired,because my conscience cannot take it anymore...I know some of his friends too who's doing cyber crimes.I'm so amazed that they are living in Malaysia, moving free and living extravagantly without any jobs. I wish these guys to be in jail to stop victimizing people...
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Most of your posted info we are aware of Shasan027 but there is one big difference, what you know and who knows you is dangerous .

Let me spell this out for you ,baiters and antifraud workers do not let scammers know who they are,you on the other hand have been involved in scamming and are now posting about specific scammers using the name Shasan027
THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA ,please contact by PM (personal message)any of the moderators or admin on AFI and start to go about this in a way that will not endanger your personal safety.


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Sorry to hear this Dennis. I am new to the site and now i think that i did well to scare the hell out of the scammers who tried to scam me.


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all datting sits

all datting sits are scams yes you get a profile and they tell you ,you got mail but you cant look at it untill you pay and then when you do pay and go to there chat room the wemen there that contack you are scamers they hang out there to see if you come to chat and then you are chating with them they ask you for your id like yahoo after they get that you chat with them for about a hr they ask you for money so what can you do there know safe dating site out there the dateing sits dont care if they get scammers they jusy want the money thereok they do look to see if you give out your id but if you space it out in twi enters you can get a way with it and give your id out i perpose we report this to the right people a conplant if you well they should make you stay in there chat till they give both ids out not you or them i protest it the way they are running things at these places they dont put up a scamer page and for the money you have to pay you shoul beable to see if there scammers thereyes i think if they ask you for money you should get there profile and put it up as a scammer i got my face book set up know to find scammers i started a group to!/pages/Tell-Face-book-What-YOU-Think/304760862112
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any tips when that person is harassing you? am contacting the provider for my phone to get me a new number...:/ getting kinda scary


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Online Dating scammers!

My best friend, who's divorced with kids, signed up to and the next thing she knew a guy was mailing her, phoning etc. He was too good to be true. These scammers weren't that good - they had photos of a guy, but his voice didn't 'match' his ethnicity in the photo, and the messages were just OTT to the extreme. My poor friend! She was sent chocolates and flowers - so at least it didn't cost her anything money-wise. JUST BE CAREFUL on these online dating sites. There are some nasty sharks out there!