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Date: Sat, 03 Aug 2019
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Subject: Hi gentleman,

Good evening my friend. Would you like to be friends?I would like to apologize if I bothered you with that e-mail, cause maybe you don’t want to have real relationship. In case you don’t want to have such relations, just give no answer my e-mail. But in any case, I hope that you are a good person and you’ll read this message to the end and reply to it.I’ve seen your contact information in internert some time ago, but I didn’t dare to write to you. It is not in my rules to write to a man first. I suppose that we’ve got the same goals now. If you are registered on a dating site, you are looking for a partner to creat relationship, aren’t you? I really like your country, culture, life and mentality of people. It is the biggest reason I made a decision to write to you, since I want to leave Russia.If you like, then we could try to get acquainted. How do you think? I am a free woman and I have a desire to meet a nice man in your country to make a new relationship. Maybe it seems naive, but I’m sure that one can to create strong and long-term relations in the internet that will be grounded on feelimgs and faith.But now I’d like to tell some facts about myself))) My name is Iranka. I live in Russia and I am already 34 years old. My last relations finished 6 months ago, it is quite a sad story so prefer not to remember about it. Well I am free)) I work as a dentist in one of the biggest private clinic in my city. Actually I make dentures and dental prostheses. I spend almost allmy day in our clinic. My work gave me an opportunity to visit several countries where I have got an excellent working practice. You know, I work too much. First it was great, but now I suffer from it, because I could not make serious relationship and now I really want to change this situation. With the passing of the years it becomes more and more complicated to make new acquaintances and make serious relationships. So hard to believe strangers, especially on line. I tried to register on some couple making sites, but there I got acquainted with only crazy people who only asked for sex and naked pictures. That’s why I deleted my data from these sites. I really understood that there were so many bad people in the internet now. I don’t want to play games and I am not looking for a sponsor. I have a good job and I can provide my life. Hope you understand me. In case you don’t like to read my letter and you have some doubts, just don’t write back to my letter… Ok? I really hope you read my email to the end… Do you like my pictures? I’d like to know more about you if you don’t mind of course. Where do you work? What about your hobby? I just want to know as much as possible about you. Maybe you are my love?)Looking forward to get a reply from you. Irinok.