Is there any protection for mac users?


I need to know what AFI recommends for macintosh users in the way of protection software programs. The macintosh computer, though not as widely used as PCs, are not entirely immune to viruses and other scary things.

Some of these scam e-mails have been arriving to me with attachments. One of them consisted of what seemed to be a mere copy of the message that was sent with that e-mail; but who knows what eles it could have been!
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Seriously Yullan
I run mac and it gives me no sleepless nights worrying.
Sure their will come a day when serious malware is developed to specifically target mac but the system is different to a PC in that you are not in a sense the admin of your machine and mac won't let nasties load without warning you first .

De Master Yoda

Mac virus?

@Yullan, A good question, A mac uses a different system and as there are far fewer people using a mac instead of windows, then the hackers tend to go for the larger target.
So in some ways this means that mac users are not as exposed as windows users. here is a link to some answers for you.

Not being a mac user (oh no ;) ) I have not tested this, but it seems like a free virus checker for macs.

Will Konsider

Yoda you don't use a Mac?!!! Shame on ya ;)

But seriously, I do run a Mac and I feel very secure (and have no sleepless nights either). I routinely go onto carder and hacker sites, and I'm always opening links or attachments that my PC friends don't want to touch.

I'm not being reckless - I'm aware of the risks out there and at the moment the Mac is relatively immune to malware attacks. There are a handful of Trojans and viruses (some proof of concept - that is they have been developed in a lab and are not in the "wild").

I do run ClamXav (its freeware) and it has detected Trojans that Norton has missed. So far, ClamXav has detected nothing but Windows malware (mainly because there is so much of it out there on the Internet). The best AV solution is Intego VirusBarrier X5 - I've used this in demo mode and its impressive.

I'm sure the situation will eventually change as malware authors target the Mac. No operating system is totally secure unless there is no access to the Internet and the computer is permanently locked in a safe ;)

Dick H Box

Windows v Unix-type systems.

The main difference between Windows & Unix-type systems, (MAC is a Unix-type) is that Windows lets applications have far more control over, & ways into the kernel. It has to, because of the way it works.
This, together with the Windows default of having all it's communication ports open, allows for many more points of weakness than in Unix-types.

In general, Unix-types have the ports closed by default, only opening those called by an application. This, together with the much stricter separation between kernel, application & user, & the limited paths into the kernel found in Unix-systems, means that malware has much less chance to get control of the kernel. Again, it's the way it works. This is mainly because, in Unix, EVERYTHING is a file, & you don't let the file tell the file-manager what to do, except under very defined circumstances.

This built-in security advantage, & Linux's overall robustness, means more & more web-hosters are running Linux set-ups on their servers, as well as the economics of using free software. (Which still needs commercial back-up when you're running a server-farm)

But remember, complacency leads to major security issues, so ALWAYS run a Firewall & good Anti-Virusware. ClamAV & BitDefender varieties are good Anti-Virus tools for Linux, & Firestarter is a powerful Linux Firewall tool. Most importantly, whatever your operating system, learn how to use these tools effectively. There are tutorials & guides available.
Linux resources: (ClamAV) (BitDefender) (Firestarter firewall)
Always download & install from your distribution's software repositories in the first instance. It ensures that the app is fit for your system.

MAC resources: (iAntiVirus) (IntegoVirusBarrier) (Firewall)
(Please PM me if you have other sources/apps that you have used & can recommend)

(As an example of Linux robustness, I recently had a BIOS failure. I had a dual-boot set-up, Windows & Ubuntu. Windows just wouldn't run, went straight to BSOD a few seconds after log-in. Ubuntu let me log-in, run some apps, but was very slow & jerky. More importantly, it let me diagnose what the problem was not.)

I recommend Linux.
I have not mentioned exploits in browsers & other apps. deliberately. They're worth a post by themselves.
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Will Konsider

<grumble> <grumble> Geeze Dick you posted my post in more than one place --- you're a slippery character!

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